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  • FIU bridge collapse victims share a collective settlement of $102.7 Million – The injured victims and families of the decedents filed lawsuits against the Design-Build Team that helped design and construct the faulty FIU Bridge. Shortly after the inception of litigation, MCM changed its name to Magnum Construction Management and sought protection from the United States Bankruptcy Court by filing for Chapter 11 reorganization. The lawyers representing the victims of this catastrophic event were determined not to allow the bankruptcy to deny justice. After months of litigation, it was announced in December 2019 that the parties will share a collective settlement of $102.7 Million, although they have until December 28 to file an appeal. The amount that they will each receive is confidential. Read more here.
  • Multi-Million Dollar Work-Related Injury Case Settled – Brett Panter was hired to represent Isaac Aelion in his claim for worker’s compensation benefits arising from his catastrophic injury while in the course and scope of his employment as a Sunny Isles Beach City Commissioner. Mr. Aelion was hit by a car being operated by a valet driver. His life was instantly and permanently altered. Mr. Aelion was rendered quadriplegic, unable to move any part of his body below his neck. Read more here.
  • $20 million personal injury settlement for a six year old girl who entered a Florida hospital through the emergency room. This young girl had problems with her airways as a result of thick mucus. She was in the hospital for several days and woke up with labored breathing, expressed severe anxiousness and congestion. After continuous problems she awoke again coughing up large amounts of mucus. She had a major arrest almost three days after she was admitted to the hospital. Unfortunately this young, beautiful six year old girl suffered a hypoxic brain injury and remained severely damaged and most likely will remain that way the rest of her life. Read more about this case.
  • $11.9 Million Awarded by Jury in Medical Malpractice Case: On April 9, 2019, David Sampedro won a $11,882,175.48 verdict against osteopathic orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Melvin Rech, on behalf of Matthew Standley, and his wife, Corrine Standley. The jury found that a series of errors by Dr. Rech led to the amputation of Mr. Standley’s leg after a total knee replacement surgery was negligently performed which subsequently led to a tragic chain of events. Read more.
  • $8.5 million to twin sons of woman who died : The twin sons of a Miami woman who died after delayed abdominal surgery were awarded $8.5 million. Clementina Brown was admitted to Miami’s Palmetto General Hospital with severe abdominal pain, was seen by a variety of doctors, went into shock after spending more than a day at the hospital and went into respiratory and cardiac arrest on Mother’s Day 2005. Dr. Jose Martinez Alba, a surgeon who consulted by phone on the case and arrived the next day shortly before the attack, resuscitated Brown and performed surgery to relieve a bowel obstruction. But she never regained consciousness, lapsed into a vegetative state and ran up more than $5 million in medical bills before dying at a nursing home Feb. 13, 2007. Read more about this case
  • Approximately $7.75 Million Recovery for Widow and Child as a result of Workplace Trucking Death: Juan Oro went to work the morning of April 14, 2011 at an industrial yard. While working at the industrial yard and preparing a container to be hauled off the yard by a tractor, the driver began to back up. The tractor had no back up alarm. Juan had his back to the trailer. He was pinned between the tractor and trailer and killed instantly. The case was mediated for 8 1/2 hours before an agreement was reached. The motor carrier’s insurer agreed to pay almost $8 million dollars pursuant to a confidentiality agreement. Read more about this case. Read more about this case.
  • Alamo Rent A Car was ordered to pay $7.7 million to the families of three British sailors who were killed when the driver fell asleep at the wheel. Alamo was held liable under a 1934 state law that holds the owner of a car liable for any accidents, regardless of who is driving it.Read more about this case.
  • $6.8 million personal injury lawsuit settlement for young boy. Ms. Lopez came to Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A. after going through a traumatic child birth experience. Ms. Lopez was 22 weeks into her pregnancy when she experienced bleeding. After she was examined at the hospital, it was discovered that her baby had a prolapsed cord and an emergency cesarean section was needed.
  • $3.7 million -Decedent’s vehicle was broadsided by a city police vehicle in a controlled intersection. The plaintive alleges officer’s negligence caused the accident. The city of Miami alleges comparative negligence and seat belt defense. Read more about this case.
  • $3.7 million lawsuit verdict for a 48 year old man who was hit by a forklift. A defendant in this case was a forklift operator working for Forklift Company on March 14, 2007. Mr. Forklift Driver was working in the refrigerated area of an airline facility at Miami International Airport. Mr. Driver received his training from plaintiff’s employer and Forklift Company was still responsible for his training pursuant to contract although Forklift Company allowed the airport company to do the training for all forklift operations and operators. More on this case.
  • $3.6 million lawsuit verdict for two men working as temporary employees at a Miami construction site at 2157 NW 18th Terrace, helping a crane operator as a crane lifted large concrete beams to be used on an apartment building in December 2006. The operator allowed the cable on his crane to come in contact with an electrical line, shocking Mejia and Garcia. Mejia was knocked unconscious, had a heart attack and suffers memory loss. Garcia lost his right arm and the use of two fingers on his left hand. They sued George’s Crane Service, which owned and operated the crane; RC Construction, the general contractor; Gonzalez, who owned the site at Northwest 22nd Avenue and 18th Terrace; and subcontractor Florida Erectors, which hired George’s Crane. More on this case.
  • $3.3 Million Settlement Gets Injured Laborer Extracontractual Liability after Workers’ Compensation Gets Denied
  • The father of two young children was awarded a jury verdict in the amount of $3.1 million against Alamo Rent A Car when the driver of a rental car lost control of the vehicle, striking the father’s car and causing serious brain damage.
  • $2,959.000.00 Medical Malpractice Verdict: Baby K vs. A Hospital and Doctors.
    Based on confidentiality agreements, the identity of the parties cannot be revealed. > Read more
  • $2.95 million dollars Diana Alvarez, 38 years of age, was admitted to A National Hospital Chain for surgery to remove a large, subfrontal meningioma. The next day, a bifrontal craniotomy was performed by Dr. Ronald Dexter with removal of the large, subfrontal brain tumor. Post operatively, Diana Alvarez was admitted to the intensive care unit where Dr. Dexter and intensivist, Dr. Gerald Pixter, managed her care. Read more about this case.
  • Attorneys win $2.88 million malpractice judgment for twins: Clementina Brown, an auto-dealer title clerk, went to Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah by ambulance with severe abdominal pain before dawn May 6, 2005. The single mother of 11-year-old twin boys was admitted and seen by several doctors. She received pain medication and later went into shock. A surgeon saw her for the first time more than 50 hours after she arrived. Brown went into cardiopulmonary arrest during preparations for exploratory surgery on Mother’s Day, May 8. The Miami woman was resuscitated, and surgery was performed for a twisted bowel, but she never regained consciousness. She died in a nursing home Feb. 13, 2007. Thelma Leon, Brown’s sister, cares for the twins, Anthony and Bryan Fontalvo. Bryan testified for about 10 minutes on the loss of his mother. Four other doctors and a medical group reached confidential settlements before trial. Another doctor filed for bankruptcy protection on the last court day before trial. Dr. Jose R. Martinez Alba Jr., a surgeon, went to trial as the lone defendant. Read more about this case
  • $2.75 million dollars The mother of Baby D had her child in the ICU at A Community Hospital. Soon after, doctors told her that her child suffered from end stage renal disease and that eventually Baby D would need a kidney transplant. In fact, nephrologist told her that Baby D would need at least two additional kidney transplants during his lifetime. In shock, she called Brett Panter and David Sampedro from the law firm of Panter, Panter & Sampedro. Read more about this case.
  • A 17-year-old from Bermuda suffered a broken neck and partial paralysis after diving into the shallow end of a Miami Beach hotel pool. He received a $2.6 millionpersonal injury settlement. Read more about this case.
  • $2.1 million personal injury verdict for parties who had suffered severe side effects after being prescribed Baycol. Click here to read full text story.
  • Burn Victim Receives Over $2 Million in Settlement.Read more about this case.
  • Dangerous Construction Results in Over $2 million Miami personal injury Settlement. Read more about this case.
  • A 21-year-old woman suffered severe injuries as a passenger in a car accident caused by an underage drunk driver. The case against the drunk driver and the owners of the car settled for $1,350,000. The case was settled against the defendant bar for $637,500.00, one day after mediation. The total personal injury lawsuit settlement, including interest earned the settled funds, exceeded $2,000,000.00Read more about this case.
  • Failure to Treat Leads to $2,000,000 Pre-suit Settlement by David Sampedro. David was able to convince the attorneys and insurance carriers for the prospective defendants that their respective clients failed to recognize Sally’s high risk for seizures and respiratory compromise. He was able to explain that their failure to recognize and properly diagnose and treat Sally contributed to her death. Read more here. 
  • A 27-year-old man was awarded a jury verdict for$1,785,843 for knee injuries he sustained in a 15-foot fall from a scissor lift.
  • Attorneys obtain $1.77 million for teen killed in crash with cop : After spending a Saturday night in Miami Beach with a sibling and friends, Omar Mieles, 19, and his girlfriend, Raiza Areas, 17, hopped into their friend’s car and headed home. It was shortly after midnight on Nov. 11, 2007, and the teens inside the Ford Focus drove east on Northwest 46th Street in Miami. They slowed at a blinking red traffic signal, saw the road was clear and drove forward. A police officer driving a marked North Miami patrol car entered the intersection and hit the side of the young people’s car at 60 mph, twice the speed limit. Mieles and Areas were propelled out the back window and onto the pavement 75 feet away. Mieles died of his injuries at Ryder Trauma Center two days later. The young woman survived. Officer James Ray Thompson, then 63, did not have his siren or flashing lights on and was not responding to an emergency. He had more than two decades’ worth of police experience.Read more about this case
  • Amusement Park Fiasco Leads to $1,750,000 Settlement. Frank,* like any proud father would, set out to make his daughter’s fifteenth birthday memorable by taking his entire family on a long weekend vacation at a large theme park. Frank and his daughter were drawn to the park’s centerpiece attraction. By the time Frank reached the end of the ride, he was screaming and in agonizing pain. The pain he felt in his back and pelvis was debilitating.
    Following the incident, Frank was immediately transported by ambulance to a local hospital where they noticed that he had a pelvic injury. Frank did his best to overcome his injuries and engage in physical therapy, but he and his family felt him slipping into a depression that required professional help. Faced with the prospect of mounting medical bills, an inability to work for a significant amount of time, and excruciating pain, suffering, and mental anguish, Frank made an appointment to see David Sampedro. David would have to file suit against the theme park owner and operator. After significant litigation and shortly after setting the case for trial, David Sampedro was able to resolve the matter for $1,750,000.00. Click here to read more about this case.
  • Victim of Drunk Driving Crash Recovers $1.6 Million. While driving home on US1, Mike Smith was hit from behind by a drunk driver sustaining traumatic brain injuries and multiple other injuries. Initially, several of the carriers provided their policy limits due to the preparation and expertise of Mitchell Panter and Panter, Panter & Sampedro. Through additional litigation, the final portion of the claim was resolved resulting in a $1.6 million recovery for Mr. Smith to provide him with compensation for his injuries. Read more about this case. 
  • $1.4 million dollar settlement On October 9th, Diego Ramirez came to the emergency room complaining of flu like symptoms. Specifically, Diego Ramirez complained of fever, chills, dyspnea, cough, and nausea. Diagnostic studies revealed a DVT present in the left popliteal vein.Read more about this case
  • Med Mal Case Brought to a Close for $1.4MToo Young To Die Tamara Wilson* was a vibrant 23-year-old young woman who was working part-time and going to school. She lived at home with her mother and served as a second mother to her niece. On her time off, she played basketball, which she excelled at while in high school. On April 28, she was experiencing flu like symptoms and went to a local hospital in Miami-Dade County. Nurses noted that she appeared ill, had a rapid heart rate, and had a fever. Diagnostic tests showed that she had pneumonia. A CT scan showed that she had a collapsed lung. Her white blood cell count was excessively high, which suggested she had an infection. Blood cultures were positive. Read more about this case
  • $1.3 Million Settlement Secures Future of Elderly Client – Panter, Panter & Sampedro recently resolved a matter on behalf of an elderly client who was injured as she attempted to enter a car. Taken to a local trauma center in South Florida, Margaret Jansen* underwent emergency surgery and significant hospitalizations and rehabilitation. Overwhelmed with mounting medical bills, an uncertain future, and the insecurity of possibly not being able to take care of herself, Margaret contacted David Sampedro. After filing suit and setting the case for trial, the case was set for mediation. Fortunately, David was able to resolve this matter for the sum of $1.3 million dollars. Margaret will be able to use these funds to pay her outstanding medical expenses as well as to secure her economic future and get the care she will need for the remainder of her life.
  • Insurance Company Tenders Policy Limits in $1.3 Million Payment to Victim in Pedestrian Accident. After she was injured in a pedestrian accident, the insurance company attempted to defend the case by blaming Madison for the accident. They said that she was jaywalking and had been responsible for causing the accident. In addition, they indicated that the street where Madison was struck was very dark and that their insured had no ability to see Madison as she darted across the street. After six weeks and mounting concern that they may be responsible for extra contractual liability, David Sampedro convinced the insurance company to tender their policy limits and the matter was resolved for the sum of $1.3 Million. Read more about this case. 
  • $1.2 million dollar lawsuit settlement obtained for three children of Mr. Masse, a Haitian immigrant. Mr Masse was killed at the Coventa recycling plant in Ft. Meyers when the negligent driver of a front end loader ran over him, crushing and killing him. The settlement will help with the financial needs of the children. Read more about this case or see the $1 million check. The other $200,000 was used to buy an annuity for the children.Mr. Panter has represented people from many different countries, often obtaining multimillion dollar personal injury settlements and jury verdicts for them.
  • Stomach Ache Leads $1 million Settlement – During the early morning of July 4, 2007, Michael Enriquez went to the emergency room of a local hospital complaining of nausea, vomiting, loose stool, and severe stomach pain for two days. After being forced to sign an admission form which indicated that most of the doctors that would treat him were not employees of the hospital, he was taken into the emergency room. A CT Scan taken subsequently confirmed that he was suffering from a high grade small bowel obstruction. Mr. Enriquez was admitted by the attending physician who requested an urgent surgical evaluation. Within a couple of hours, Michael began running a temperature and his heart rate began to increase. Read more about this case.
  • The family of a 40-year-old man killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver known as a habitual drinker sought over $1 million against tavern owner who sold the driver the alcohol.
  • $1 million settlement for a young husband and father. He was a tree cutter with advance training designated as an arborist. He was working in a bucket extended from a Terex Telelect lift when suddenly and unexpectedly part of the lift that is connected to the truck collapsed and his life was forever shattered. He suffered spinal injuries and became a paraplegic.
  • A 40-year-old man sought $1 million in damages after falling through the fifth floor of a building when a concrete pump snapped and crashed near him and four others, nearly severing his ankle.
  • Industrial Tragedy Kills Husband and Father, Family Obtains a $1 Million Settlement. Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A. worked with the Finizio Law Firm to investigate and find out why this tragedy occurred and who was responsible.
  • Settlements totaling $985,000 for an intersection collision involving a tractor-trailer. One passenger died at the scene and the driver and one passenger suffered severe injuries.
  • A Car Crash Leads to an $875,000 Malpractice settlement. A young man who just graduated from college and began his career was out for an evening and had several beers at a concert. Late that morning, he lost control of his car and crossed over the center line and was involved in a serious head-on collision.
  • Bayer Corporation settled a products liability claim for $830,000 where a 58-year-old female was prescribed 0.8mg of Baycol – a statin intended to lower cholesterol levels. Vivian Collins was diagnosed with acute renal failure and rhabdomyolysis. Ms. Collins had difficulty breathing and eventually went into cardiac arrest. She required continuous ventilator support for a short period of time. Ms. Collins was discharged after two months of hospitalization. Ms. Collins has made significant progress and today lives a relatively healthy life.
  • $800,000.00 On August 4, 2014, Yurquenys Fonseca was seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash caused by Juan Garcia, an employee of J&E Transportation Enterprises, a trucking company. Mrs. Fonseca was following her husband and young daughter who were driving ahead of her as they were moving to Jacksonville, Florida for employment opportunities. As they approached mile marker 143, Mrs. Fonseca was suddenly and violently rear-ended by an 18 wheel tractor-trailer coming from behind her. Read more about this case.
  • The family of a child received a $722,653.00 settlement.The decedent was born 25 weeks of gestation at the defendant hospital. The child remained in the NICU for approximately 16 weeks. At birth the child was 13 ounces and suffered from a Grade 3 and Grade 4 bilateral brain hemorrhage at birth. The child suffered pneumonia while at the NICU, and had two brain surgeries on July and August of 2010 while at the defendant hospital. The decedent child was discharged after approximately 16 weeks of hospitalization. On September, 2010, the decedent’s head circumference was noted to be somewhat enlarged. On September 28, 2010, the child was readmitted to the defendant hospital and a shunt was placed with a diagnosis of hydrocephalus.
  • The family of a child received a $675,000 settlement for developmental disabilities of the child due to the failure to perform a cesarean section during labor and delivery.
  • The families of two victims killed as passengers in an automobile accident recovered a $625,000settlement from Alamo Rental Car, the owner of the vehicle.
  • A 74-year-old man recovered $500,000 in partial settlement of his claim against a group of psychiatrists for improper diagnosis and treatment of his depression.
  • Woman Receives $425,000 After Orthopedic Surgeon Used the Wrong Implant – On October 7, 2014, Dr. Lyons performed a right total knee arthroplasty. Unfortunately, when Dr. Lyons performed the surgery, he was ill-prepared. The hardware he was supposed to remove from previous surgeries could not be removed because he had not appropriately prepared to do so. As the months progressed, Jeanette continued to have significant discomfort, weakness, and pain – even worse than what she had previously experienced. Eventually, Jeanette sought the medical care and treatment of other doctors who confirmed that Dr. Lyons techniques were less than appropriate and his decision to use an inappropriate implant contributed to Jeanette’s pain and discomfort. With nowhere else to go, Jeannette spoke with a friend who is an attorney almost two years after her initial surgery. That attorney referred Jeanette to David Sampedro at Panter, Panter & Sampedro. Upon receipt of the notice of intent, Dr. Lyons contacted an attorney who shortly thereafter admitted responsibility and requested a pre-suit mediation. Within several months, the matter was resolved for a total of $425,000
  • Pedestrian Receives $255,000 Settlement After Crosswalk Accident – Ms. Stanford, a healthy weekend athlete who enjoyed vigorous activities, was a pedestrian attempting to cross Northwest 3rd Street right in front of The Children’s Court House in Downtown Miami. As Ms. Stanford began to cross the street she was violently struck by a BMW SUV. Ms. Stanford suffered multiple serious injuries to her ankle, ribs, wrists and knee. Accordingly, Mr. Brett Panter and his associate Al Del Risco filed suit and worked hard to assure Ms. Stanford received an amount of money that was commensurate with her injuries. Shortly thereafter, the Panter, Panter and Sampedro team was able to secure a settlement of $255,000 for Ms. Stanford.
  • Young Girl Injured On Boat Settles Claim – After a day of drinking, partying and jumping off of a 30-foot Tuna Tower, our client was catastrophically injured when her jump went awry and she landed on the deck of the boat instead of the water. Mitchell Panter brought suit against the boat’s captain and his father who owned the boat alleging negligence. Prior to trial, the parties resolved the claim for a confidential amount providing for payment of the medical bills, as well as a substantial recovery by the client for her economic damages as well as pain and suffering and remaining injuries.
  • Family Receives Settlement After Ridesharing Accident – In November 2016, Jeffrey and Nancy Rizer* were traveling home from school with their mother when an automobile driven by Guillermo Flores ran a red light and T-boned their 2014 Volvo. At the time of the accident, Mr. Flores was driving a vehicle on behalf of a ridesharing transportation network company. The impact was significant and threw Mrs. Rizer’s vehicle across 2 lanes of traffic. With mounting medical bills and the lack of health insurance, Mrs. Rizer and her husband sought the legal representation of David Sampedro. Shortly after the suit was filed, the ridesharing transportation network company agreed to resolve the matter for a confidential sum of money.
  • Senior Man’s Family Settles Lawsuit Against Community Hospital in Wrongful Death Case – At 76-years-old, Victor Martinez underwent colon surgery to remove a cancerous mass at a community hospital.  In the days following the surgery, Victor went into septic shock. However, by the time he was brought back to surgery, the surgeon couldn’t save him. Victor’s family, represented by Brett Panter and David Sampedro, pursued a complex medical malpractice case against the hospital. The case proceeded to mediation and did not settle. The parties continued to work on preparation for trial and on the Friday before the Monday in which the trial was scheduled to begin, the matter was settled with all defendants for a confidential amount. By agreement of the parties the terms and further details of the settlement cannot be disclosed.
  • Lack of Security Results in Confidential Settlement in Shooting Death of Student-Athlete – On a bright December day, Quinton Hamill’s life ended. He was gunned down while visiting with friends at a pick-up football being held at the courtyard of LaAtrio Apartments. At the recommendation of a local attorney, Quinton’s mother Alexandra came to Panter, Panter & Sampedro for help with finding the party responsible for her son’s death and in seeking appropriate compensation for her loss. Brett Panter and Josh Wintle, of Panter, Panter & Sampedro, handled Quinton’s case. On that bright December day that led to the darkest nights of Alexandra Hamill’s life, LaAtrio’s failure to provide reasonable security for its residents and guests cost Quinton his life and cost Alexandra her son. Quinton’s life is lost. His dreams extinguished. There is no amount of money that can right the wrong suffered by Alexandra Hamill. Nothing can bring back her son. Nothing can be done to turn back the clock. However, the confidential settlement reached on behalf of Alexandra and Quinton’s Estate will help Alexandra provide security and a better life for her family including Quinton’s little brother.
  • Wife of wrongful death victim receives confidential settlement after healthcare providers admit responsibility in husband’s death after surgery – When Cesar Guerra was complaining of headaches, his employer sent him to a local hospital so he could be evaluated by specialists. [i] After seeing doctors at a local hospital and following up with an MRI, Mr. Guerra was discovered to have a pituitary benign mass which needed to be removed. His doctors recommended to have the large tumor removed through what is known as a transsphenoidal surgery. Subsequent to the surgery, Mr. Guerra was sent to the intensive care unit and shortly thereafter began showing signs of paralysis. Mr. Guerra’s condition continued to deteriorate and approximately five days after his surgery, he fell into a coma.  Two days later he died leaving behind a wife and stepson. Mr. Guerra’s wife came to see David Sampedro when another local attorney gave her his name. David contacted various experts including a neurosurgeon, nurse, neurologist, intensivist, and hospitalist. After conferencing with the various experts and obtaining affidavits that the various healthcare providers breached the prevailing standard of care and that breach ultimately lead to Mr. Guerra’s death, the healthcare providers admitted responsibility for causing Mr. Guerra’s death and the case was settled for a confidential undisclosed amount of money.
  • Client Receives Significant Settlement After Sustaining Life-Changing Injury – In December 2017, Ms. Smith[i] went to a home supply store to purchase landscaping materials. While in the garden department, she was injured due to the negligence of a store employee operating a forklift. The injury changed her life forever. Mitchell Panter of Panter, Panter & Sampedro represented Ms. Smith in her claim against the home supply store and its employee. While he attempted to secure an early resolution through presuit mediation, the store was unwilling to accept responsibility for the injuries its employee caused. Mr. Panter filed suit. The home supply store moved to transfer the case from State Court to Federal Court. Mitchell Panter is a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney and was admitted to practice in the Federal Court in 1987. After months of litigation, the case was ultimately resolved for a substantial, confidential amount, which provided fair compensation to Ms. Smith.
  • A Misdiagnosed Cardiac Event and Negligent Hospital Staff Resulted in a Death and Eventual Financial Settlement – After walking his dog, Andres* felt some discomfort and upper gastric pain radiating down his left arm. He called fire rescue who transported him to a local hospital. Tragically, after a series of unfortunate events including misdiagnosis and negligent hospital staff, Andres passed away several days later. The family was destroyed. Andres’s wife, Natalia, and their children came to see David Sampedro because of a recommendation by a family friend who was also an attorney. During the pre-suit period, the attorneys for many of the health care providers admitted their responsibility and offered to participate in a non-binding pre-suit mediation. During that mediation, the majority of the health care providers agreed to immediately settle the case. The others felt that they had no responsibility. Accordingly, David filed suit and the case was litigated. Eventually, the matter was resolved shortly after the case was set for trial. David was able to resolve the matter for a confidential sum of money. *Due to the confidentiality nature of the settlement, the names of the parties to the claim have been changed.

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