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Simon Rider Settlement of $7 Million for Traumatic Brain Injury


Simon Rider, a family man and father of two, was accompanying a friend on a service call at a golf course in January of 2013. When the friend driving the golf cart made a sudden, violent, and unexpected turn to the left, Mr. Rider was thrown from the cart. Mr. Rider was ejected and landed headfirst on the asphalt pavement. As a result, he suffered a traumatic brain injury and severe swelling of the brain. Mr. Rider was rushed to a local hospital for emergency treatment.

Doctors installed an intracranial pressure monitor designed to measure the pressure inside Mr. Rider’s skull. Their concern was that as the brain swelled due to the trauma, the tissue would compress causing permanent brain damage. Doctors had no choice but to perform a craniectomy, or the permanent removal of part of Mr. Rider’s skull. This was done to allow the brain to temporarily expand beyond the normal confines of the skull. A significant portion of Mr. Rider’s brain was so damaged that the tissue began to die and had to be removed. Mr. Rider was left with permanent, severe cognitive deficits.

Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A., retained accident reconstruction experts along with physics experts and medical experts to prove not only that the driver of the golf cart was negligent but that the traumatic brain injury has forever and permanently altered Mr. Rider’s life. After completing depositions and proving the case, this matter was partially resolved at mediation for $4 million. The settlement proceeds provide a stream of income to give Mr. Rider the financial protection and support he needs for the remainder of his life.

Mr. Rider resolved his case against the owner of the golf cart under the dangerous instrumentality doctrine for an additional $3 million. Under Florida Law, the owner of a golf cart or car is responsible for the negligence of the operator of that vehicle. Brett Panter would like to thank Paul Finizio of the Finizio & Finizio Law Offices, P.A., for asking us to participate in this case. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Mr. Finizio in making a difference for Mr. Rider and his family.

1 The actual names of the parties have been withheld due to confidentiality agreements required by the defendants.


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