Client Receives Significant Settlement After Sustaining Life-Changing Injury


In December 2017, Ms. Smith[i] went to a home supply store to purchase landscaping materials. While in the garden department, she was injured due to the negligence of a store employee operating a forklift. The injury changed her life forever.
Ms. Smith sustained a serious laceration to her foot when the forklift collided with a makeshift plant shelf comprised of heavy metal grating rested atop concrete blocks. The forklift operator hit the blocks causing the heavy shelf to fall and land on our client’s foot.
Ms. Smith was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital and treated for her injury. She had to undergo painful debridement to remove the dirt and debris from her wound. Ms. Smith endured months of therapy, but her permanent injury resulted in a dramatic lifestyle change. Wearing heels, fashionable shoes, and sandals irritated her wound. Therefore, Ms. Smith was restricted to soft shoes and mostly sneakers for her everyday footwear. Ms. Smith’s doctors have informed her to expect her pain, disfigurement, and scarring to be permanent.
Mitchell Panter of Panter, Panter & Sampedro represented Ms. Smith in her claim against the home supply store and its employee. While he attempted to secure an early resolution through presuit mediation, the store was unwilling to accept responsibility for the injuries its employee caused. Mr. Panter filed suit. The home supply store moved to transfer the case from State Court to Federal Court. Mitchell Panter is a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney and was admitted to practice in the Federal Court in 1987.
After months of litigation the case was ultimately resolved for a substantial, confidential amount, which provided fair compensation to Ms. Smith.
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[i] Party names changed or omitted to protect confidentiality.

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