Med Mal Case Brought to a Close for $1.4M


Tamara Wilson* was a vibrant 23-year-old young woman who was working part-time and going to school. She lived at home with her mother and served as a second mother to her niece. On her time off, she played basketball, which she excelled at while in high school. On April 28, she was experiencing flu like symptoms and went to a local hospital in Miami-Dade County. Nurses noted that she appeared ill, had a rapid heart rate, and had a fever.

Diagnostic tests showed that she had pneumonia. A CT scan showed that she had a collapsed lung. Her white blood cell count was excessively high, which suggested she had an infection. Blood cultures were positive.

Tamara was initially admitted to the ICU. Despite the presence of pneumonia, her attending physician failed to order a pulmonary consult. In addition, although her vital signs worsened, her attending physician ordered that she be moved to telemetry. Once she was transferred, the nurses failed to appropriately monitor her. Shortly thereafter, she was found unresponsive and without any vital signs. She was pronounced dead within a few minutes.

Tamara left behind a grieving family shocked by the sudden death of this young, vivacious, and healthy young woman. When they asked the hospital for answers, none were provided. Tamara’s mother came to David Sampedro to get the answers that the hospital refused to provide. After taking the deposition of one of the nurses, the hospital offered to mediate the case early and quickly. In a short time, Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A., was able to resolve the case for Tamara’s family for 1.4 million dollars.

Tamara’s family was glad to have some answers as to how Tamara passed away and was glad to get some of the answers that the hospital had initially refused to provide. They hope this settlement will improve care and prevent another family from having to suffer the same pain.

* The names of the parties have been changed as a result of a confidential settlement.

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