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First Steps After A Dog Bite, Part 1

First Steps After A Dog Bite, Part 1

First Steps After A Dog Bite, Part 1 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

To of our recent posts covered the best ways to avoid or prevent a dangerous dog bite attack. However, as too many Floridians know, it is not always possible to anticipate an animal’s behavior – many victims find themselves with dangerous injuries that they could not have prevented.

This is the first of two posts that will look at some expert recommendations for responding effectively after a bite has occurred. It is important to take careful steps to preserve legal options in case a lawsuit is necessary.

First, victims should try to identify the animal and its owners. This usually has to happen immediately. If the victim requires immediate medical attention, someone else might be able to stay at the scene and determine where the dog lives and who is responsible for its behavior.

Of course, victims should seek medical attention promptly. While less severe cases may not require emergency treatment, it is nevertheless important to seek care quickly to prevent potential infections or diseases.

Victims should always file a report with the local authority or government agency that has responsibility for domestic animals. This is important for two reasons. First, it creates a documented record of the victim’s injury. Second, a report also provides a record for future victims to demonstrate that an animal has a dangerous track record.

Check back later this week for more steps to take after a dog bite injury.

Source: Dogsbite.org, “Dog bite victim guide,” Mar. 10 2013

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