Teen Safety Tips for Prom and Graduation Season

Teen Safety Tips for Prom and Graduation Season

Teen Safety Tips for Prom and Graduation Season 1080 1080 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

From underage drinking to driving under the influence, parents of teenagers are understandably nervous as prom and graduation season draws near. Between the months of May and August, the greatest number of teen traffic deaths occur, according to the Washington Regional Alcohol Program. In this post, we will explore ways parents and teens can celebrate these coming-of-age milestones while avoiding a tragic or life-changing event. 

Tips For Parents

Before any event, parents should allow some time to speak to their child or children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Many children turn to their parents or guardians for advice on drinking according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

During the conversation, parents should also address such topics as how to navigate peer pressure, the dangers of drinking and driving, and the dangerous use of illicit drugs. Parents should also make it clear to their teenagers that they should be the first person their child calls if they feel they need to be picked up from any event for any reason. 

One way to prevent drinking and driving is to schedule transportation prior to the date of an event. If teenagers insist on riding together, parents should employ the use of a ridesharing or limousine service. Public transportation may also be an option in some South Florida cities. 

Parents should also speak to the adults in charge of supervising the parties that typically occur after prom and graduation. These parents should ensure that an adult will be present and then have a conversation about whether the chaperones will be allowing underage drinking. To ensure that their teenager will not be participating in underage drinking or drug use, a parent may offer to host the celebratory event in their own home. 

If a child is celebrating away from home, parents should set an appropriate curfew. Parents should also know where their children are at all times by not allowing for huge portions of time where teenagers are unaccounted for. A parent should also remain awake until the teenager arrives home for the night. Teens are less likely to participate in risky behavior or skirt their curfew if they know a responsible adult is awaiting their arrival, according to the Partnership to End Addiction

Tips for Teenagers

Although societal expectations and social pressures increase during the prom and graduation season, teenagers should not drink alcohol under the age of twenty-one or use drugs or other illegal substances. Additionally, drinking and driving are both dangerous and make a potentially fatal combination at any age. 

If a teenager suspects that their friends may be taking drugs or alcohol, they should ensure they have a sober driver to get them to and from their events. It is often best to hire a ridesharing service or private driving company if teenagers do not wish to be driven by their parents. 

When a teenager is in the passenger seat of a vehicle, they should never distract the driver. In 2020 alone, distracted driving claimed 3,142 lives, as reported by the United States Department of Transportation

Finally, on the night before the festivities, teenagers should get plenty of rest because prom and graduation parties often last well into the night. This is one reason fatal car accidents involving teens increase at night

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Individuals do not expect the worst to happen during a time meant to celebrate a major life milestone and academic achievement. Unfortunately, statistics show that during these celebratory months serious and sometimes fatal accidents tend to increase. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of another, you will need a compassionate representative to guide you through your legal choices. 

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