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New Year, New Habits: #DriveKind

New Year, New Habits: #DriveKind

New Year, New Habits: #DriveKind 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

DriveKind Instagram DesignsWe have a problem on the streets of South Florida, and it has a lot to do with the way that we drive. It’s no secret that aggressive driving is almost standard on the roads of Miami, but it doesn’t mean that we should accept it as the norm. As we start the New Year with our own resolutions and goals, wouldn’t it be great if more people in our city took the pledge to drive just a little more kind? For that reason, we recently launched a #DriveKind community pledge for drivers in Miami at panterlaw.com/drivekind.

Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

Almost all of us have been the victim of an aggressive driver, and perhaps we can all admit to actually being one at some point! If you have ever been guilty of speeding or running a red light, you have committed one of the most frequently cited aggressive driving violations according to the Florida Department of Transportation.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, aggressive driving is defined as a driver committing two or more of the following actions: speeding, failing to yield to a right-of-way, improperly or unsafely changing lanes, improperly passing, following too closely, or failing to obey traffic signs. Unfortunately, when people make the choice to drive in this way, tensions and tempers on the streets can flare.

Any time you find yourself screaming, using rude gestures, honking excessively, or even using violence on the roads, you are exhibiting behaviors that could be considered road rage. Road rage can endanger those around you, and may create a situation where you are harmed or arrested. No one’s poor driving choice is worth potentially losing your life or freedom.

Are you creating a dangerous situation?

If you regularly drive in an aggressive way such as by changing lanes without a signal, cutting off other drivers, speeding excessively, and turning left in front of oncoming traffic, you may be adding to the problem of road rage on our streets. In fact, even being distracted by your cell phone and not paying attention to the vehicles around you can cause frustration in other drivers. It’s important that you are aware of your surroundings at all times to ensure that you are not the one who is creating an unsafe environment for other drivers.

Take the Pledge to #DriveKind

To be part of making our roadways safer, take time to think about your reactions to aggressive drivers. Be a considerate driver and always obey traffic rules and signs. If someone cuts you off, take three deep breaths and count to 10, change the music to a song you like, or pull over to calm down.

Help us work together to curb aggressive driving and road rage by pledging to #DriveKind with us at Panter, Panter, & Sampedro! Sign up on our site to promise to Drive Kind, and receive a reminder kit for free! Your kit includes a Drive Kind car magnet and air freshener. Plus, for every driver who takes the pledge in December, or posts with #DriveKind @PanterLaw on Instagram or Twitter, we’ll donate $1 to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Visit panterlaw.com/drivekind to take the pledge.

Together, we can make Miami a #DriveKind city!


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