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What are some important facts about dog bites?

What are some important facts about dog bites?

What are some important facts about dog bites? 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

If you’re concerned about dog bites or have been attacked in the past, there are some facts that you should know. For instance, did you know that in most cases, the owner of the animal will be held liable for your injuries? That’s why it’s important to file a claim if you’re ever attacked.

National Dog Bite Prevention Week is every year during the month of May. This time period is used to inform people about the risks of dog bites. For instance, focusing on children, it’s those between 1 and 9 who are at the highest risk for dog bites. Boys are at a higher risk than little girls in the same age range.

It’s those under the age of 10 who are most likely to suffer bites to the head or neck. This could be due to the fact that many children are shorter in stature, weaker than adults, and easier for a larger animal to get in control of.

In Florida, two people die every year because of dog bites, on average. While that may not seem like many people, the fact is that another 600 or more people suffer from injuries related to dog bites and have to be hospitalized.

Most dog bites involve children under the age of 6 and are from well-known family pets. This is why it’s important, even when the dog is familiar, to keep an eye on children when they’re playing with their pets. Children may not understand when a dog is upset, angry, or scared, putting them at a higher risk of injury.

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