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Wife of former Florida coach claims medical malpractice re death

Wife of former Florida coach claims medical malpractice re death

Wife of former Florida coach claims medical malpractice re death 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Many families in Florida and elsewhere have been devastated by the untimely deaths of their loved ones after those family members received substandard medical care. Those facing such dire situations often desire that justice be sought on behalf of the deceased. A recent medical malpractice lawsuit was filed by the wife of a former Jacksonville University basketball coach. She claims that a failure to diagnose her husband’s oral cancer proved fatal for him.

Grounds for a medical malpractice claim typically exist when the evidence suggests that substandard care by doctors or other staff members was responsible for a loved one’s death. The recent claim alleges that the man’s death may have been preventable and was caused by medical negligence. Apparently, doctors said that biopsies performed on the man’s tongue in 2011 showed no signs of cancer.

Another biopsy, two years later, showed signs of malignancy. At that time, the coach asked the physician diagnosing the cancer to review the other doctor’s earlier findings. After studying the 2011 samples, the doctor in 2013 revealed that those tests, too, documented the cancer.

Though aggressive treatment was rendered, it proved too late. It has been claimed that had the first set of test results been correctly interpreted initially, the woman would perhaps not be a widow now. The woman said that her husband had wanted her to file a lawsuit on his own behalf. In similar situations, a person considering filing a medical malpractice claim in Florida may first want to discuss the matter with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer for help in determining how best to go about collecting evidence needed to prove a claim.

Sourcejacksonville.com, “Former JU star Rex Morgan’s widow sues Quest Diagnostics for medical malpractice“, Andrew Pantazi, Feb. 15, 2016

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