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Display shelves can fall or collapse and injure customers

Display shelves can fall or collapse and injure customers

Display shelves can fall or collapse and injure customers 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Shoppers who go into stores are often treated to lovely displays on shelving units. These shelving units sometimes hold very light items, but others hold very heavy items. In either case, it is vital that all stores use shelving appropriate for the items they are holding because improper shelving can lead to accidents that cause injuries.

All shelving has weight limits, also called allowable load limits, that must be adhered to. Balancing weight is vital on the shelves. It is also vital to ensure that they remain stable. If a company puts heavier items on top shelves and lighter items on lower shelves, there is a possibility that the shelves will tip over, which could injure customers.

It is also vital that all shelves be put together properly with parts that are in good repair. Items that are worn, rusted or not in good condition can lead to accidents. Shelving that isn’t put together properly, including end caps when necessary, can also cause injuries to customers.

Another serious issue that customers will find in some stores is the inability to safely reach the top shelves of the display. Some customers might be tempted to climb onto the shelves, but that is unsafe because the shelves might collapse or tip over. Instead, companies should ensure that customers have a way to reach the top shelves or that an employee is around to use a ladder to reach the items.

Shoppers who are injured by falling shelves, collapsing shelves, or falling merchandise have the right to seek compensation. Learning about Florida’s laws governing premises liability claims made for dangerous conditions might help those shoppers decide on a plan of action.

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