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Former baseball player sues over dangerous conditions

Former baseball player sues over dangerous conditions

Former baseball player sues over dangerous conditions 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

The Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson is suing the Seminoles Tribe due to injuries he suffered at a charity event at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood. If you’ve been hurt because of dangerous conditions in a place you’ve visited or worked, then you may have sought or may want to seek compensation for the bills you have. That’s not unlike the man in this story.

According to the report from April 14, the man suffered a traumatic brain injury at the charity event when he fell off the stage during a fundraising legends game. Robinson’s attorney isn’t sure that the former MLB player will be able to get as much money as he would need to pay for his injuries, though, because in Florida, there is a tribal sovereignty compact that could prevent him from getting what he needs.

According to the Florida Legislature, anyone who is on the property for reasons other than gaming and who is hurt can only receive up to $200,000. The tribe has immunity that caps their liability. According to Robinson’s attorney, he would need close to $280,000 to pay for his medical expenses alone. The attorney has argued that the stage was set up in violation for the South Florida Building Code. Allegedly, the hotel had constructed the stage and stands on the stage made for multilevel tiered seating, and that may have caused the accident.

Another former MLB player was also hurt at the event. The catcher Paul Casanova allegedly injured himself only 45 minutes before Robinson. When Robinson was injured, he fell approximately 12 feet due to a curtain that gave the illusion of a back support to the stage. In this case, though, Robinson is up against a challenge. Although negligence could be proven, the tribe has indicated that it will invoke its sovereign immunity, which he may be able to maintain by law.

Source: Daily Business Review, “MLB Hall Of Famer Brooks Robinson to Sue Seminoles Tribe” John Pacenti, Apr. 14, 2014

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