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Woman in Miami hit and killed pulling out of driveway

Woman in Miami hit and killed pulling out of driveway

Woman in Miami hit and killed pulling out of driveway 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

A woman in Miami was leaving her home, but she did not make it any farther than her own driveway, as she was struck by a vehicle coming down her street as she pulled out of the driveway and onto the road. The type of vehicle that she was driving was a car, though it has not been reported what type it was, and she was hit by a larger minivan. As the van slammed into her vehicle, the car rolled with the impact. It was also smashed up against a tree, further damaging it as the van pushed it out of the road.

The young woman who was behind the wheel did survive the initial impact, but she was pronounced dead while at the hospital. She was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

So far, the police have not given out any information that related to the van’s driver, including the condition of the driver or the reason for the crash. They are still carrying out an investigation to determine why the two vehicles collided in the first place.

A fatal accident can take place in seconds, and it does not always have to happen far from home. Anyone who has received a personal injury in a wreck that was caused by another driver, such as one who failed to yield to traffic, can look into their legal options to get monetary compensation for things like damage to the vehicle and medical bills. If someone is killed by another driver and it is determined to be that driver’s fault, the family of the victim may also be able to start a lawsuit for monetary compensation for things like pain and suffering, emotional trauma and lost wages.

Source: Miami Herald, “Miami woman killed in car crash outside her home” Hannah Sampson, Apr. 03, 2014

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