The Help You Need After Injuries Caused By Defective Products

Were you injured by a defective or dangerous product? The manufacturer or seller may be responsible for your injury.

Manufacturers and sellers of goods may be held responsible for injuries and wrongful deaths caused by dangerous or defective products, even if there is a product recall or the danger was unknown.

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Holding The Makers Of Dangerous Products Responsible For Harm

In many cases, the failure to foresee potential risks or dangers posed by a product is enough to create liability for a manufacturer. For example, the maker of a stain remover may include a warning label indicating that the product is toxic, but fail to warn consumers that it is flammable. In this case, the manufacturer could be held liable for fires caused by the product because fires are a foreseeable danger.

Don’t assume your injuries are simply the result of bad luck.

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Manufacturers CAN be held responsible for defective, dangerous and improperly labeled products. We are committed to getting fair compensation for victims of accidents involving:

Product Liability Lawsuits Protect Consumers

Product liability lawsuits force manufacturers and distributors to consider the cost of endangering consumers. A dangerous product lawsuit could potentially create product changes that save lives and prevent future injuries.

Product liability claims are complex and require skill, experience and the resources to outlast big corporations. Our lawyers work closely with engineering, safety and medical experts to demonstrate to insurance companies and juries how products caused injuries.

Our courtroom demonstrations involve scale models, computer animations and accident reconstruction exhibits. Medical illustrations, along with computer simulations, are prepared to help juries understand how defective and dangerous products have caused serious injuries or death.

Representative Product Liability Cases

Construction site case: Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A., re-created a model scissor lift to exact scale of the actual scissor lift involved in the case of a seriously injured worker. The model was used as a courtroom exhibit demonstrating how the worker fell and destroyed his kneecaps. After a lengthy trial, the jury returned a $1.7 million verdict. The case was later appealed to the 3rd District Court of Appeal and ultimately argued in front of the Florida Supreme Court by Mitchell Panter. The high court affirmed the verdict, resulting in compensation to a young working man for his medical expenses and loss of employability.

Food safety case: Our Miami, Florida, defective product attorneys have won product liability cases involving injuries caused by eating tainted seafood, particularly oysters. We are prepared to handle cases involving E. coli-contaminated produce, peanut products and beef.

Negligent installation, design and manufacture: Our firm made a substantial recovery for a client who suffered serious lacerations from a shed. We discovered that the shed was improperly designed, manufactured and constructed and demonstrated liability on the part of the manufacturer who made the shed and the distributor who installed it.

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