Medication Errors And Compensation Claims

Every year, thousands of Americans are hurt by drug errors, some fatally. Prescription drug errors can occur when:

  • The wrong medication is put in the bottle at the pharmacy.
  • The pharmacy misfills a prescription with the wrong dose of a medicine.
  • A nurse gives the wrong dosage of a drug.
  • A pharmacy puts a wrong label on a drug.
  • A doctor fails to get a full medical history and prescribes a drug to which the patient has an allergic reaction.
  • A doctor or pharmacy fails to warn a patient of potential drug interactions.
  • A doctor or pharmacy fails to ensure that the patient knows how to take the drug.
  • A nursing home nurse gives the wrong medication.

If you or someone you know has suffered medical harm because of a drug/medication error, the Miami pharmacy error attorneys at Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A., can help. Call 305-662-6178 to arrange a free consultation with an experienced attorney.


For more than 30 years, our medical malpractice lawyers have been helping injured people achieve financial compensation through verdicts and settlements in pharmacy error litigation. We have a critical care nurse and a physician on staff to assist our lawyers in accurately assessing injuries and to help arrange for the best medical care available.


While it may be difficult to hear, it’s important to know that not every prescription drug error makes a good malpractice case. If the problem was caught early and you did not suffer significant or lasting effects, it is unlikely your claim will be successful.

On the other hand, if a medication error caused lasting and significant damage — liver failure, kidney failure, heart damage, stroke or birth defects to a child in utero — you should definitely talk to a Florida pharmacy error attorney.

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All medication error cases are taken on a contingency basis; you will pay no attorney’s fees unless we are able to obtain a verdict or settlement on your behalf.

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