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An accident involving a bus can have catastrophic results for many people, including those in smaller vehicles sharing the road with the bus.

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Florida highways carry lots of tour and travel buses. Our city streets are full of municipal buses. Freeway travel and city street travel pose different challenges for buses and those on the streets with them.

Highway accidents are usually high-speed wrecks that involve the bus leaving the road and overturning. At Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A., a bus accident attorney will examine whether bus driver error, road conditions, bus equipment conditions or recklessness on the part of other drivers on the road contributed to the crash. Many buses have cameras inside them, which can provide evidence of what was occurring in and around the bus.

If a bus breaks down on the highway, the bus driver has a duty to ensure that passengers are as safe as possible, which often means staying inside the vehicle and not getting off to stand along a freeway.

City bus accidents happen at lower speed, but can be equally deadly. They may involve the bus colliding with a biker or a car hitting the bus as it pulls away from the curb. If a bus turns too sharply and the back end goes over the curb, pedestrians in crosswalks or on street corners can be injured.

All bus drivers have a duty to drive responsibly, to not allow overcrowding, to not start or stop suddenly and to not drive erratically. If bad driving causes riders to fall or suffer other injuries, the bus company can be held accountable.

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