Schools have a duty to safeguard the children in their care. Schools must provide a secure environment and appropriate adult supervision and most do so quite successfully. Nonetheless, there have been situations in which Florida schoolchildren have suffered serious injuries because of negligence. In these situations, parents may be able to bring a personal injury claim.

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There are three primary ways in which injuries occur in a school or playground setting:

  • Negligence on the part of school staff or maintenance crews, creating unsafe property conditions in the school or on the playground
  • Negligent supervision/negligent security on the part of teachers, other staff or school bus drivers that fails to keep children safe from student-on-student assault or from strangers entering the school grounds and harming a child, or failing to notice a child suffering a serious medical problem
  • Defective products causing injury to children


Not every type of injury to a child is appropriate for a personal injury claim. One of our experienced personal injury lawyers will speak with you to learn about the circumstances of the injury and give you an initial assessment. If we believe you may have a case, we will conduct an in-depth investigation, keeping you informed of all findings.

School and playground injuries that have resulted in successful claims in Florida or across the United States have included:

  • Failing to fix broken playground equipment or school equipment
  • Failing to have staff members in the lunchroom or on the playground to break up fights or to respond to injuries or emergencies
  • Failing to secure the school from unauthorized people entering the building or school yard
  • Failing to take action when there have been reports of bullying or assaults on a school bus
  • Failing to identify unsafe conditions or medical problems during sports practice
  • Security failures leading to sexual assault of a student by another student, a staff member or adults on school property

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