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The g-force (pull of gravity on the body) created when a roller coaster going 100 mph plunges or turns sharply can reach 4 or 5 g. At this level, researchers have actually documented brain hemorrhages and traumatic brain injury consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

Different bodies respond differently to extreme g-forces, so while some people suffer no ill effects, others may experience neck and back injuries, brain injuries, and even blood clotting and death.

Different bodies also respond differently within a ride itself. Riders of different weights may find that the ride restraint system does not properly restrain them, leading to injuries as well as possibly being thrown from the roller coaster.

While roller coaster designers, operators and amusement park owners claim informed consent when they shift blame onto a person who suffered a roller coaster injury, there are circumstances when a product liability claim can be successful.


One of our experienced personal injury attorneys will review your case to determine if there was a design defect, a manufacturing defect or a marketing defect, each of which could lead to a successful claim.

  • Roller coaster design defects could include problems with the restraint system for people of a certain height or weight or improper restraint of neck, head or arms.
  • Manufacturing defects can be faulty materials or operating mechanisms that cause a roller coaster to derail or to become uncontrolled, such as faulty brakes or loose tracks.
  • A marketing defect is a failure to inform or to warn, such as failing to warn people of the risks of height or weight restrictions or dangers associated with medical conditions. It can also be a failure to provide proper instructions and/or training for operators.

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