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If you’ve suffered work-related injuries, you may have two possible sources of financial compensation. The first is a workers’ compensation claim you make through your employer. The second possible source of income is a third-party claim if your injuries were caused by a person or company other than your employer or a co-worker.

The personal injury attorneys at Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A., help workers who have been injured by third-party negligence on a job site. If you or someone you know was hurt on the job and you know or suspect that another company was at fault, call our Miami law office at 305-662-6178 to schedule a free consultation with an attorney.

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Handling Any Third-Party Injury Case

Some workplaces are more likely than others to have third-party claims for workers injured on the job.

  • Construction sites employ many different work crews on the same job site.
  • Warehouse loading docks or businesses with a lot of delivery traffic can be the site of trucking accidents.
  • Any employee who drives for work purposes may be involved in a work-related car accident caused by another driver.
  • Any business using manufacturing or industrial equipment, particularly leased equipment, can experience accidents due to defective equipment or leased equipment that hasn’t been properly maintained.

We have a strong record of verdicts and negotiated settlements that have made a difference in the lives of many seriously injured clients.

Expert Resources To Prove Job Injury Cases

Our lawyers work closely with engineering, safety and medical experts to demonstrate to insurance companies and juries how accidents occurred and injuries resulted. Our courtroom demonstrations involve scale models, computer animations and accident reconstruction exhibits. Computer simulations help juries understand how defects in products have caused serious injuries or death.

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