Do You Know The Warning Signs For Drowning?

Do You Know The Warning Signs For Drowning?

Do You Know The Warning Signs For Drowning? 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Do You Know The Warning Signs For Drowning?


Summer is here. That means pools are open, and kids are enjoying the water in private and public swimming pools, lakes and oceans. It also means that it is essential for all adults to be able to identify the warning signs of drowning. For strong and struggling swimmers alike, it takes only minutes to drown. A person can become submerged and incapacitated in even less time.

Almost Half Of All Children Who Drown Are Within Earshot Of An Adult

Water safety expert Mario Vittone shares the chilling statistic that nearly half of children who drown do so within 25 yards of a parent or other adult. Unless you are actively watching for the warning signs of drowning, you may not realize that a child is in distress.

Dramatized versions of drowning on television or in movies give many of us the impression that drowning involves yelling for help, vigorous splashing or other obvious indicators. While some swimmers may be able to signal for help while in distress, most drowning victims will be nearly silent. This silence is part of the instinctive drowning response. If you know the signs, you may be able to save a child’s life.

Do You Know How To Recognize Drowning?

Struggling swimmers will often:

  • Have their heads tilted back
  • Have their mouths at water level
  • Have their eyes closed or glassy

In addition, they may be bobbing upright, as they struggle to keep themselves above the surface. As a distressed swimmer labors to breathe, he or she becomes unable to speak and may be unable to call for help. A distressed swimmer will push down against the water with his or her hands not flail and wave above water.

Silence Is One Of The Best Ways To Determine If Someone Is Drowning

Silence is the best indicator that something may be seriously wrong, especially with children. If you ask if a child is OK and he or she cannot respond, help the child out of the water immediately.

Fun can be had by all in and around the water when safety standards are adhered to. Unfortunately, negligence at pools, water parks and other water recreation areas can quickly lead to tragedy. Knowing the signs of drowning can save lives. Please share these tips with your family and friends.

Individuals who are injured or the families of those who die from pool accidents and drowning may be able to seek compensation for their loss. Pool owners and operators can be held liable for harm to others for injuries resulting from dangerous premises or poor supervision. Learn more about liability in pool accidents.

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