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Helping Victims Of DUI Accidents In Florida

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 112 million incidents of drunk drivers getting behind the wheel in 2010. Those incidents led to more than 10,000 deaths in alcohol-impaired crashes. More than 30 percent of fatal traffic accidents involve a drunk driver. The statistics are shocking, but the reality is worse.

At Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A., our Miami, Florida, drunk driving accident attorneys have helped many injured victims get the compensation they deserve after a crash. We have represented the families of those killed by drivers who were under the influence of alcohol. Our DUI accident lawyers have the experience and resources to aggressively pursue maximum compensation for victims of alcohol-related car accidents.

If you are an injury victim of an alcohol-related car accident, we can help you. Our firm has obtained verdicts and settlements in excess of $20 million for our clients. These results place us among the state and national leaders in personal injury litigation. Contact us online or call now at 305-662-6178 for a free consultation with our experienced Florida drunk driving accident victim lawyers.

Investigation And Personal Injury Trials

Not all alcohol-related car accidents involve a driver who is legally drunk. Alcohol has a measurable impact on a driver’s reflexes and decision-making at levels below .08 blood alcohol content (BAC). We have extensive experience in car accident cases. We know how to investigate an accident and prepare your case to demonstrate why you are entitled to full compensation. We have an excellent record of verdicts and settlements for victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents, including those in which alcohol was a factor.

There are many ways to show that the driver who caused your accident was behaving negligently. A driver who is speeding or checking a cellphone is driving negligently. A driver who is impaired by alcohol is driving negligently. If the driver who caused your accident is convicted of DUI/DWI, that is certainly evidence of negligent driving. With or without a criminal conviction, we can help you present the strongest possible case to get you the compensation you deserve.

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We will pursue all liable parties involved in your accident. If you believe that alcohol was a factor in the crash that injured you, our Miami, Florida, drunk driving accident attorneys can help. Contact us online or call us at 305-662-6178 to schedule a free initial consultation.