Jason Ford, A 17 year old from Bermuda, who suffered a broken neck and partial paralysis after diving into the shallow end of a Miami Beach hotel pool, agreed Thursday to a settlement that will pay him $2.6 million over the next 55 years.

Jason was injured at the sixth cervical vertebra, a point where the neck tilts forward from the back. Jason came to Miami as a member of Bermuda’s team in the international junior bowling tournament, still must walk with a cane and has permanent neurological damage. He suffers “spastic paresis,” according to his attorney, Brett Panter.

The settlement was agreed to by the youth’s parents and the Shawnee Resort at 4343 Collins Ave. The accident occurred Aug. 3.

Panter maintained that no warning signs against diving were posted at poolside, that depth indicators were not adequately visible, that lighting was poor and pool attendants were not trained in lifesaving. Ford, who nearly drowned, was pulled from the water by a group of visiting firefighters who happened to be there.

Jason, who was an avid cricket player, will receive $537,000 immediately and $72,000 for the first year. He will get $1,100 month thereafter for 54 years.