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At Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A., our Miami, FL personal injury law firm is proud of the lawsuit verdicts and personal injury settlements achieved on behalf of our clients.

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Please see case summaries concerning:

  • Settlements totaling $985,000 for an intersection collision involving a tractor-trailer. One passenger died at the scene and the driver and one passenger suffered severe injuries.
  • A Car Crash Leads to an $875,000 Malpractice settlement. A young man who just graduated from college and began his career was out for an evening and had several beers at a concert. Late that morning, he lost control of his car and crossed over the center line and was involved in a serious head-on collision.
  • Bayer Corporation settled a products liability claim for $830,000 where a 58-year-old female was prescribed 0.8mg of Baycol – a statin intended to lower cholesterol levels. Vivian Collins was diagnosed with acute renal failure and rhabdomyolysis. Ms. Collins had difficulty breathing and eventually went into cardiac arrest. She required continuous ventilator support for a short period of time. Ms. Collins was discharged after two months of hospitalization. Ms. Collins has made significant progress and today lives a relatively healthy life.
  • $800,000.00 On August 4, 2014, Yurquenys Fonseca was seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash caused by Juan Garcia, an employee of J&E Transportation Enterprises, a trucking company. Mrs. Fonseca was following her husband and young daughter who were driving ahead of her as they were moving to Jacksonville, Florida for employment opportunities. As they approached mile marker 143, Mrs. Fonseca was suddenly and violently rear-ended by an 18 wheel tractor-trailer coming from behind her. Read more about this case.
  • The family of a child received a $722,653.00 settlement.The decedent was born 25 weeks of gestation at the defendant hospital. The child remained in the NICU for approximately 16 weeks. At birth the child was 13 ounces and suffered from a Grade 3 and Grade 4 bilateral brain hemorrhage at birth. The child suffered pneumonia while at the NICU, and had two brain surgeries on July and August of 2010 while at the defendant hospital. The decedent child was discharged after approximately 16 weeks of hospitalization. On September, 2010, the decedent’s head circumference was noted to be somewhat enlarged. On September 28, 2010, the child was readmitted to the defendant hospital and a shunt was placed with a diagnosis of hydrocephalus.
  • The family of a child received a $675,000 settlement for developmental disabilities of the child due to the failure to perform a cesarean section during labor and delivery.
  • The families of two victims killed as passengers in an automobile accident recovered a $625,000settlement from Alamo Rental Car, the owner of the vehicle.
  • A 74-year-old man recovered $500,000 in partial settlement of his claim against a group of psychiatrists for improper diagnosis and treatment of his depression.
  • Woman Receives $425,000 After Orthopedic Surgeon Used the Wrong Implant – On October 7, 2014, Dr. Lyons performed a right total knee arthroplasty. Unfortunately, when Dr. Lyons performed the surgery, he was ill-prepared. The hardware he was supposed to remove from previous surgeries could not be removed because he had not appropriately prepared to do so. As the months progressed, Jeanette continued to have significant discomfort, weakness, and pain – even worse than what she had previously experienced. Eventually, Jeanette sought the medical care and treatment of other doctors who confirmed that Dr. Lyons techniques were less than appropriate and his decision to use an inappropriate implant contributed to Jeanette’s pain and discomfort. With nowhere else to go, Jeannette spoke with a friend who is an attorney almost two years after her initial surgery. That attorney referred Jeanette to David Sampedro at Panter, Panter & Sampedro. Upon receipt of the notice of intent, Dr. Lyons contacted an attorney who shortly thereafter admitted responsibility and requested a pre-suit mediation. Within several months, the matter was resolved for a total of $425,000
  • Pedestrian Receives $255,000 Settlement After Crosswalk Accident – Ms. Stanford, a healthy weekend athlete who enjoyed vigorous activities, was a pedestrian attempting to cross Northwest 3rd Street right in front of The Children’s Court House in Downtown Miami. As Ms. Stanford began to cross the street she was violently struck by a BMW SUV. Ms. Stanford suffered multiple serious injuries to her ankle, ribs, wrists and knee. Accordingly, Mr. Brett Panter and his associate Al Del Risco filed suit and worked hard to assure Ms. Stanford received an amount of money that was commensurate with her injuries. Shortly thereafter, the Panter, Panter and Sampedro team was able to secure a settlement of $255,000 for Ms. Stanford.
  • Young Girl Injured On Boat Settles Claim – After a day of drinking, partying and jumping off of a 30-foot Tuna Tower, our client was catastrophically injured when her jump went awry and she landed on the deck of the boat instead of the water. Mitchell Panter brought suit against the boat’s captain and his father who owned the boat alleging negligence. Prior to trial, the parties resolved the claim for a confidential amount providing for payment of the medical bills, as well as a substantial recovery by the client for her economic damages as well as pain and suffering and remaining injuries.
  • Family Receives Settlement After Ridesharing Accident – In November 2016, Jeffrey and Nancy Rizer* were traveling home from school with their mother when an automobile driven by Guillermo Flores ran a red light and T-boned their 2014 Volvo. At the time of the accident, Mr. Flores was driving a vehicle on behalf of a ridesharing transportation network company. The impact was significant and threw Mrs. Rizer’s vehicle across 2 lanes of traffic. With mounting medical bills and the lack of health insurance, Mrs. Rizer and her husband sought the legal representation of David Sampedro. Shortly after the suit was filed, the ridesharing transportation network company agreed to resolve the matter for a confidential sum of money.
  • Senior Man’s Family Settles Lawsuit Against Community Hospital in Wrongful Death Case – At 76-years-old, Victor Martinez underwent colon surgery to remove a cancerous mass at a community hospital.  In the days following the surgery, Victor went into septic shock. However, by the time he was brought back to surgery, the surgeon couldn’t save him. Victor’s family, represented by Brett Panter and David Sampedro, pursued a complex medical malpractice case against the hospital. The case proceeded to mediation and did not settle. The parties continued to work on preparation for trial and on the Friday before the Monday in which the trial was scheduled to begin, the matter was settled with all defendants for a confidential amount. By agreement of the parties the terms and further details of the settlement cannot be disclosed.
  • Lack of Security Results in Confidential Settlement in Shooting Death of Student-Athlete – On a bright December day, Quinton Hamill’s life ended. He was gunned down while visiting with friends at a pick-up football being held at the courtyard of LaAtrio Apartments. At the recommendation of a local attorney, Quinton’s mother Alexandra came to Panter, Panter & Sampedro for help with finding the party responsible for her son’s death and in seeking appropriate compensation for her loss. Brett Panter and Josh Wintle, of Panter, Panter & Sampedro, handled Quinton’s case. On that bright December day that led to the darkest nights of Alexandra Hamill’s life, LaAtrio’s failure to provide reasonable security for its residents and guests cost Quinton his life and cost Alexandra her son. Quinton’s life is lost. His dreams extinguished. There is no amount of money that can right the wrong suffered by Alexandra Hamill. Nothing can bring back her son. Nothing can be done to turn back the clock. However, the confidential settlement reached on behalf of Alexandra and Quinton’s Estate will help Alexandra provide security and a better life for her family including Quinton’s little brother.
  • Wife of wrongful death victim receives confidential settlement after healthcare providers admit responsibility in husband’s death after surgery – When Cesar Guerra was complaining of headaches, his employer sent him to a local hospital so he could be evaluated by specialists. [i] After seeing doctors at a local hospital and following up with an MRI, Mr. Guerra was discovered to have a pituitary benign mass which needed to be removed. His doctors recommended to have the large tumor removed through what is known as a transsphenoidal surgery. Subsequent to the surgery, Mr. Guerra was sent to the intensive care unit and shortly thereafter began showing signs of paralysis. Mr. Guerra’s condition continued to deteriorate and approximately five days after his surgery, he fell into a coma.  Two days later he died leaving behind a wife and stepson. Mr. Guerra’s wife came to see David Sampedro when another local attorney gave her his name. David contacted various experts including a neurosurgeon, nurse, neurologist, intensivist, and hospitalist. After conferencing with the various experts and obtaining affidavits that the various healthcare providers breached the prevailing standard of care and that breach ultimately lead to Mr. Guerra’s death, the healthcare providers admitted responsibility for causing Mr. Guerra’s death and the case was settled for a confidential undisclosed amount of money.
  • Client Receives Significant Settlement After Sustaining Life-Changing Injury – In December 2017, Ms. Smith[i] went to a home supply store to purchase landscaping materials. While in the garden department, she was injured due to the negligence of a store employee operating a forklift. The injury changed her life forever. Mitchell Panter of Panter, Panter & Sampedro represented Ms. Smith in her claim against the home supply store and its employee. While he attempted to secure an early resolution through presuit mediation, the store was unwilling to accept responsibility for the injuries its employee caused. Mr. Panter filed suit. The home supply store moved to transfer the case from State Court to Federal Court. Mitchell Panter is a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney and was admitted to practice in the Federal Court in 1987. After months of litigation, the case was ultimately resolved for a substantial, confidential amount, which provided fair compensation to Ms. Smith.
  • A Misdiagnosed Cardiac Event and Negligent Hospital Staff Resulted in a Death and Eventual Financial Settlement – After walking his dog, Andres* felt some discomfort and upper gastric pain radiating down his left arm. He called fire rescue who transported him to a local hospital. Tragically, after a series of unfortunate events including misdiagnosis and negligent hospital staff, Andres passed away several days later. The family was destroyed. Andres’s wife, Natalia, and their children came to see David Sampedro because of a recommendation by a family friend who was also an attorney. During the pre-suit period, the attorneys for many of the health care providers admitted their responsibility and offered to participate in a non-binding pre-suit mediation. During that mediation, the majority of the health care providers agreed to immediately settle the case. The others felt that they had no responsibility. Accordingly, David filed suit and the case was litigated. Eventually, the matter was resolved shortly after the case was set for trial. David was able to resolve the matter for a confidential sum of money. *Due to the confidentiality nature of the settlement, the names of the parties to the claim have been changed.