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Adult Bed Rails Recalled, Two People Dead

Adult Bed Rails Recalled, Two People Dead

Adult Bed Rails Recalled, Two People Dead 1080 1080 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare initiated a voluntary recall on Monday of their portable adult bed rails. Over half a million bedrails are being recalled in a joint effort by the company and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission after two deaths were reported, one in 2011 and a second in 2015. 

According to the USPC’s recall notice, the first victim was a 93-year-old woman in California, and the other a 92-year-old man in Canada. In both cases, the bed rails were reported not to be securely fastened to the bed, causing both individuals to be trapped between the mattress and rails. The USPC’s recall notice states that the bed rails pose a “serious entrapment hazard and risk of death by asphyxiation”.

Totaling more than 496,000 units, the recall involves four different models of the company’s Bed Assist Handle and Bed Assist Rail. 

The four recalled models are:

  • Model 15064, Bed Assist Handle
  • Model 15062, Bed Assist Rail with Folding Board
  • Model RTL15073, Home Bed Assist Handle (adjustable)
  • Model RTL15063-ADJ, Home Bed Assist Handle (adjustable)

The recalled models were sold at medical supply stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com and Walmart.com. Units were also sold in Canada (68,000 units) and Mexico (119 units). The bed rails were sold to consumers between October 2007 and December 2021 at prices between $30 and $80. 

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission are urging consumers to immediately stop using the product and contact the company for a refund. Consumers may contact Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare at 877-467-3099 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, or online at www.drivemedical.com.

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