5 Family Driving Resolutions for 2021

5 Family Driving Resolutions for 2021

5 Family Driving Resolutions for 2021 1920 1280 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

As we close out December, we are thinking about ways we can improve and continue to put family first in the coming year. Safety is a collective effort and one of the most important places we can start with this is by driving safe. 

For most of us, driving is a daily task, a means for getting to and from the destinations we need to visit. We are not always thinking about how dangerous it can be and unfortunately, recently released data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows an increase in more risky driving behavior, including speeding, less seatbelt wearing, and more drivers being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

5 Family Driving Resolutions for 2021

We can all work together to make our roads safer and help turn the statistics around. We hope you will join us in following our top five family driving resolutions for 2021:

  1. Be a good example. It can be difficult for others to take advice if you do not also “walk the talk.” Follow all of the safety rules you were taught when you were first learning how to drive: wear a seatbelt, eliminate distractions, stay calm, be a defensive driver, and drive sober. These days, we also strongly encourage you to avoid being distracted by your cell phone while driving. Following this tip could be as simple as turning off your cell phone or putting it away in a bag out of your reach. Or you can find a more high tech solution and try one of the apps we shared earlier this year that help deter distracted driving.
  2. Drive sober. Preliminary data from the NHTSA suggests that since mid-March, more drivers involved in crashes have had alcohol or drugs in their systems. To mark National Impaired Driving Prevention Month this December, we recently shared ways to prevent drunk driving over the holidays, and many of these tips can also be used to help prevent accidents all year long. Florida had the third-highest number of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in the US in 2018, with 26% of traffic fatalities attributed to drunk driving. If you plan on using alcohol or drugs, make sure you also have a plan to get around town with a sober driver. 
  3. Check on older family members. We want everyone to be safe drivers as long as possible, but talking about driving with an older family member can be a tough conversation. Luckily, AAA has a full senior-focused site with advice from starting the driving conversation to getting a professional driving assessment and information about state laws around driver licensing for seniors. 
  4. Keep an eye on teens. Year after year, data confirms parents’ concerts that their teens are making careless mistakes on the road and not following speed limits. Cell phone use has elevated those concerns. One in three teens who text say they have done so while driving, according to the NHTSA. They also found that dialing a phone number while driving increases a teen’s risk of crashing by six times, and texting while driving increases the risk by 23 times. Because of these risks, many of the same apps that help you deter distracted driving can also help you monitor the driving behavior of teens in your household. 
  5. Keep up with vehicle maintenance. The coronavirus may have been keeping us home more often, but we should not let that be a reason to put off necessary car maintenance. Keeping our vehicles in good working condition is a critical piece of keeping ourselves and others safe on the road. The NHTSA keeps a database of safety issues and recalls for vehicles, car seats, tires, and other equipment. You can also sign up for recall alerts. 

At Panter, Panter & Sampedro, we strive to help keep our communities safe by being a resource. We are a family-first law firm that is always happy to answer your questions. Please contact us at (305) 662-6178 for a free consultation.

Wishing you and your family a safe, healthy, and prosperous 2021! 



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