South Florida Spring Break Accidents

South Florida Spring Break Accidents

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It is the beginning of March, which means Miami is preparing for spring break weekends. While colleges across the nation look forward to vacationing in the beautiful and sunny South Florida, a lot of spring break accidents occur in Miami. According to a study conducted by the University of Miami, the 14 most popular spring break destinations (Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, etc.) saw a 9.1% increase in auto accidents. With Florida being one of the highest visited states during spring break it is important to follow safety protocols, stay vigilant, and always know your limits.

Spring Break Accidents

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From the last week of February to the first week of April, many visitors are traveling to South Florida to enjoy their spring break vacation at the beach under the warm sun. However, it is not all ‘fun in the sun.’ Due to an influx in visitors from all around the U.S., there are also a high number of accidents that occur during this season.

Auto accidents are common during spring break. If you find yourself injured in a motor vehicle accident,  there are 11 crucial things you should do after your accident. Individuals who have been seriously injured by the negligent or wrongful actions of others have their lives turned upside down. Know your rights and learn about the different types of personal injuries by visiting our personal injury FAQ page online.

Tips to Avoid Spring Break Accidents

With an influx of tourists during this time of year, it is imperative that you stay safe and think smart during your time visiting the beach, Wynwood, or other popular tourist attractions.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid spring break accidents:

  • Look out for impaired drivers – Drunk driving continues to be a serious problem in Florida. According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, 36,562 crashes occurred in Florida in March 2018. Always drive with caution and beware of impaired drivers.
  • Beware of sharp objects in the sand –While Florida beaches have a strict “no glass” rule, many beachgoers neglect to follow this rule. Unfortunately, glass and other sharp objects are sometimes found in the sand. If you plan on visiting the beach during spring break, take precautions and always wear shoes on the sand to protect yourself from being harmed from possible pieces of glass or other sharp objects.
  • Drink responsibly –The best way to have a fun and safe spring break if you plan on drinking is by drinking responsibly. Do not push beyond your drinking limits, always stay in a group, and never get behind the wheel after drinking.
  • Practice safe swimming – Spring break is usually spent out in the water. However, it is important to practice safe swimming when visiting beaches and pools. Never mix drinking and swimming or water activities as it can result in personal injury or drowning. Another tip when heading out into the water is to stay at a safe distance. Swimming too far out in the ocean can result in serious consequences, such as drowning.
  • Be vigilant of wandering pedestrians – If you plan on visiting local places in South Florida such as Wynwood or Miami Beach, watch out for pedestrians wandering into roads. Be aware of people who may not know where they are walking or are walking while focused on a smartphone. We want everyone to have a fun and safe experience. Stay on sidewalks, avoid incoming traffic, follow crosswalks, and never drink and drive.
  • Protect yourself from the sun – Florida sun rays are very strong. It is important to protect yourself from the harm of sunburns by applying sunscreen every 30 to 45 minutes when you are out in the sun. Wearing protective gear such as glasses, hats, and cover-ups is another great way to protect your skin from the sun. 

Miami Beach Spring Break Information

Recently, the City of Miami Beach has announced rules and traffic information to locals and visitors to ensure the safety of everyone partaking in spring break weekends.  With the new and free beachfront experience taking place every weekend in March from the 6th to the 22nd, spring breakers will be able to enjoy the most of what Miami has to offer while also partaking in morning beach cleanups, fitness classes, entertainment, and more.

However, to provide a safe environment, Miami Beach Police would like to remind everyone:

  • Drinking in public is illegal.
  • Smoking marijuana is illegal.
  • Never drive under the influence.
  • Alcoholic beverages and/or open containers are prohibited.
  • Throw all trash in stationed trash bins.
  • No tents, tables, or similar structures are permitted on the premises.
  • No glass or Styrofoam containers are allowed on the beach
  • Please keep all music to an appropriate volume.
  • Coolers, backpacks/beach bags or inflatable devices are not allowed.
  • No driving scooters or e-scooters in and out of traffic or on sidewalks.

During the weekends of March 6-8, March 13-15, or March 20-22, Ocean Drive and Espanola Way from Collins to Washington Avenue will be closed to all vehicular traffic and will be open to pedestrians only to provide a safe walkway for guests.

If you or someone you know is partaking in spring break and suffers a personal injury or is involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to discuss your options with an experienced attorney. At Panter, Panter & Sampedro, we dedicate our firm to protecting Florida’s families. Contact today for a free consultation by visiting or calling (305) 662-6178.


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