Study Uncovers New Teen Driving Danger Called “App and Drive”

Study Uncovers New Teen Driving Danger Called “App and Drive”

Study Uncovers New Teen Driving Danger Called “App and Drive” 768 768 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

The majority of parents hold valid concerns about their young teen drivers. They tend to make more careless road mistakes and studies have shown that often times they don’t heed the speed limit. However, there’s a new craze out there that has been placing teenage drivers on the auto accident map.

Many of us are aware that smart phones attract our attention both on and off the road, but more specifically to blame are social media applications. Teenagers are forever obsessed with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat and it is beginning to cause a real problem. The now termed “app-ing and driving” phenomenon has reached a whopping 67 percent among teenagers.


Polling has shown that teenagers rate posting or fanning through social media as less harmful than driving under the influence. Ergo, many teenagers believe they’re at less risk of crashing when fiddling with their phones.

Findings showed that 95 percent of teenagers acknowledged app use as dangerous when operating a vehicle. Furthermore, during a visual simulation where teens received an app notification, 80 percent responded that viewing the app while driving would not prove a distraction. As we’re all aware, any device capable of drawing your attention away from the road or your driving task is considered to be a distraction.

There are applications that are used on a daily basis that seem harmless on the surface. For instance, when regarding a navigation app or even a music app, the usage of either seems utilitarian. Even though this may be the case in special circumstances, generally the way most interact with the application is still cause for distraction.

Around 64 percent of teenagers do admit that using a music app while driving detracts their attention, however over 40 percent still claim to use it while behind the wheel. Flipping through playlists and changing songs calls for more than a mere few seconds of your attention. A safer solution is to pick something you enjoy while you’re parked and stay committed to the playlist until you’ve reached your destination.

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