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You can make a claim after suffering an electrical injury

You can make a claim after suffering an electrical injury

You can make a claim after suffering an electrical injury 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

There are many times when electrical safety is vital in the workplace. Consider this: Construction workers make up around 38 percent of all electrical fatalities in the workplace. Why does this happen?

Improper training or negligence can be some causes. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that around one to four electrical fatalities could be attributed to electrical burns between the years of 2003 and 2010. Around 39 percent of nonfatal electrical injuries are burn-related, however.

The construction industry does have the highest number of people suffering from nonfatal electrical shocks. Approximately 0.6 workers are injured out of every 10,000. Fortunately, the rate of these injuries is declining with proper training and workplace safety techniques. Still, workers are facing injuries and death over the misuse of electricity in the workplace.

Other industries also have workers who suffer from electrical wounds. For instance, trade, transportation, and utility companies make up 11 percent of victims. The manufacturing industry makes up 8 percent. The mining and natural resource industry also made up 9 percent of the total.

So what can you do to stay safer in the workplace? Make sure others know you’re working with electricity and cut off the power. Wear the proper safety gear. Make sure to report problems in the workplace, like electrical hazards. By taking these steps, you may be able to prevent injuries to yourself and others.

If you have been hurt and want to learn more about electrical injuries, our website can help. Visit us online, so you can read more about construction industries and your rights.

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