Defective Products Injuries where Parents Can Find Legal Help

Defective Products Injuries where Parents Can Find Legal Help

Defective Products Injuries where Parents Can Find Legal Help 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

It is understandable that any Florida parent whose child has suffered personal injury because of a product design flaw would want to seek justice on behalf of that child. This can be done by filing a products liability claim in court against any party deemed responsible for an injury. Where defective products are concerned, any manufacturer or sales distributor who knowingly places a dangerous product into the hands of consumers can be held legally accountable when a person is injured during normal use of the product.

A jury in another state recently held an automaker accountable to the tune of $124.5 million because of an apparent design error in the drivers’ and front passengers’ seats in its vehicles. Other car companies have chimed in on the issue, saying that the needed repair wouldn’t have cost the automaker more than a few dollars. Apparently, children riding in the back seats of the vehicles have been seriously injured when the front seats collapsed toward the rear upon impact in collisions.

One young boy, age 7 at the time, was sitting in a rear seat when he and his father were in an accident where their car was struck from behind. The father’s seat collapsed toward the rear, ejecting him so that he landed directly on top of his son. The child survived but suffered permanent brain injury, paralysis and partial loss of eyesight.

Others have been injured in similar situations. Parents have lamented the fact that their children were injured even after they followed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s safety advice to always place children in rear seats. The automaker was found grossly negligent by the court. In Florida, a personal injury attorney could assist any parent who is considering filing a legal claim regarding defective products.

SourceCBS News, ““No excuse”: Safety experts say this car defect puts kids in danger“, Megan Towey, Kris Van Cleave, March 9, 2016

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