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Employee dies following fall from roof in Charlotte County

Employee dies following fall from roof in Charlotte County

Employee dies following fall from roof in Charlotte County 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Working in construction or any other field where you’re exposed to hazards can put your life at risk. While you may be safe most of the time, one simple accident could result in you losing your life. When you or a loved one is hurt or killed in an accident at work, it’s possible for you or your family to seek compensation from your workers’ compensation coverage.

The family of this man may be looking into doing that, because he was killed after falling during a routine inspection at Kane’s Furniture. According to the news, the 62-year-old man had been inspecting the building for code violations when he fell from the roof of the building.

Following the accident, the man was rushed to Blake Medical Center, but he passed away from his injuries. The man had worked as a building inspection and code compliance officer for 15 years when he passed away. The man left behind his family including his wife, two daughters and a son.

After this kind of accident, it’s important that families have the time to mourn their loss. However, there is also a limited amount of time to file a claim against the employer’s workers’ compensation coverage, so you can be fairly compensated for the loss you’ve suffered. Workers’ compensation coverage should help you in your time of need; you should receive coverage for funeral expenses, lost wages and the medical bills that were necessary. Working with your attorney can help you stay focused on mourning while someone else takes care of the legal actions that need to take place.

Source: WINK, “Charlotte County employee dies following work accident,” March 16, 2016

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