Negligent maintenance can lead to serious injury — take action

Negligent maintenance can lead to serious injury — take action

Negligent maintenance can lead to serious injury — take action 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Taking care of a property is the responsibility of the property owner. All property owners have to make sure that the property is safe for people who come onto the property. When a property isn’t properly maintained, people who visit might be injured in an accident. If that occurs, it is possible that the injuries might lead the victim to file a personal injury lawsuit based on a premises liability claim.

There are several different factors that might come into the picture in a premises liability claim that is based on negligent maintenance. Some of these include kinks in rugs, exposure to toxic substances, slippery floors, poorly maintained elevators, defective escaltors, locked fire exits, defective smoke detectors, falling debris, exposed wiring, faulty stairs, and locked fire exits. Of course, that isn’t an exhuastive list. We can help you to explore your options to seek compensation once we determine what happened in your case.

We know that you didn’t go onto someone’s property with the expectation of being injured. Instead, you probably wanted to get your shopping done at the store or get a good night of sleep at the hotel. No matter what type of property your accident occurred on, we can help you to learn about how you can seek the compensation you deserve.

When we work with you on a case revolving around negligent maintenance, we thoroughly investigate your accident so that we can determine exactly what happened. We also try to determine who should be held accountable for the accident when we file your claim. From there, we stand by you until your case is resolved.

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