Owners angry about quarantined dogs after dog biting incident

Owners angry about quarantined dogs after dog biting incident

Owners angry about quarantined dogs after dog biting incident 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Is it fair for a family to be concerned about their pet when it attacked someone in the streets? People who are attacked by animals have every right to file a claim for compensation against the owner, and in many areas, the dog or animal in question could be quarantined or euthanized.

These two dogs are the center of a long court case in Florida, though, because the owners believe they had the right to have their pets back following the incident. The two pit bulls had been on the loose on Oct. 24, 2015, when they were involved in a biting incident. Both dogs had escaped from the home; a door had been left open when the owners had left the home.

The two dogs had no prior history of attacking or biting, and that, according to local law, means that the dogs don’t have to be immediately euthanized. The problem is that the Lee County Domestic Animal Services has not complied and has contained the animals since the incident.

The owners were allegedly told that they’d be arrested if they did not turn over the dogs following the incident. They claim the situation is a nightmare for them; they stated that one of the dogs had been abused previously and hadn’t settled in yet. He allegedly suffers from severe problems with his hips, back and pelvis, which would indicate that he was abused and beaten in the past. He had been under treatment for mange and diabetes while in the owners’ care.

The dog reportedly also has severe emotional and psychological conditions which could make him afraid to be touched or of other dogs. This could be, in part, what stemmed the biting incident. The other dog died after being held by the agency. The dog had developed cancer, and the family had to get the dog’s release following an intervention from the court. The pit bull was then euthanized.

Although there are several odd things happening in this case, in most cases, dogs do have to be quarantined or could be euthanized for attacking. Owners do need to comply with local ordinances and provide the information necessary for patients to get the care and compensation necessary.

Source: Examiner, “Diamond and Titan, victims of drawn out court case in Lee County, Florida,” Feb. 13, 2016

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