Snake bite at Disney World linked to death of grandmother

Snake bite at Disney World linked to death of grandmother

Snake bite at Disney World linked to death of grandmother 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

It’s not just dogs or cats that can cause harm to a person if they attack; snakes, rodents and other creatures can attack and cause harm, too. Sometimes, the person who is attacked isn’t the only one who suffers, either.

Disney World is meant to be the happiest place on planet Earth, but this news report shows a tragic accident that resulted in someone’s death from an alleged incident that happened at the park. In this case, the family is trying to prove that the park was negligent, while the park itself is trying to deny a claim regarding the death of a child’s grandmother.

The family from Alabama reported that there was an escaped snake in the Animal Kingdom park when they were there. Disney has not confirmed whether or not a snake was missing at the time of the incident. A boy was in the presence of his grandmother when the snake suddenly dropped out of a tree and bit the youngster.

After the grandmother witnessed the snake biting her grandson, she allegedly suffered a fatal heart attack. Reports state that she died shortly after the incident.

Representatives speaking for Disney claim that the case has been misrepresented in the news and isn’t entirely true. The spokeswoman stated that the snake did in fact bite the boy, but it was not one owned by the park. Instead, it was allegedly a nonvenomous snake that was, in fact, wild. The representative reported that the boy was treated with a simple Band-Aid before returning to the park with his family.

Source: CBS News, “Family: Snake bit boy at Disney park, leading to grandma’s death,” Jan. 29, 2016

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