Driving under the influence is dangerous for everyone on the road

Driving under the influence is dangerous for everyone on the road

Driving under the influence is dangerous for everyone on the road 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

When people choose to get behind the wheels of vehicles when intoxicated, they are taking the risk that they won’t be involved in a crash and will be safe enough to get home. The truth is, when individuals are driving drunk, they are a danger to themselves and others.

Even with lower levels of alcohol in the body, some effects can result that lessen the person’s effective driving skills. At just a .02 blood alcohol concentration, people lose some judgment, are more relaxed, and have an altered mood. By .05, small-muscle control, like the focusing of the eyes, is hindered. With lowered alertness and impaired judgement, that can affect driving even while under the legal limit.

Of course, by the time a person reaches a .08 BAC, reasoning, judgment, and memory all become impaired and can start putting lives at risk. If a person registers at .08, it’s fair to say that the alcohol in the system may continue to rise as well, especially if the person has recently stopped drinking. Impaired perceptions, a loss of short-term memory, and poor concentration can also make driving a risk for individuals in this state. Now, others are also at risk, because the driver can’t respond to traffic in the way he or she should, which means the driver is more likely to cause or be involved in an accident.

Our website has more information on what you can do if you’ve lost a loved one due to a drunken driver. You shouldn’t have to face such a circumstance, especially because drinking and driving is a choice. You deserve the representation you need, so you can be compensated for your losses.

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