Construction worker killed on 37th floor of construction site

Construction worker killed on 37th floor of construction site

Construction worker killed on 37th floor of construction site 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Working stories above the ground is challenging, and you have to rely on the equipment you use. If you see any damage or unusual behavior with equipment, then you probably report it to your manager or the head of operations. If those issues cause an accident, then you or your family may be able to make a claim with your attorney’s help.

This man’s family may do the same thing. A construction site accident at 711 Northeast 29th Street left one person dead and several shaken after a piece of equipment struck a worker on the scene. The Miami Fire-Rescue team responded to the emergency call, and it reported that the man died at the scene due to his injuries.

The building where the man was working has dozens of stories, and he was killed on the 37th. There, a piece of equipment had been held up by a crane, but it became loose and slipped out of its restraints, allowing it to strike the man. He was only 29.

Workers at the site reported seeing the accident take place. They reportedly tried to help the man, but his injuries were too severe. Now, collecting the man’s body is the next struggle that the rescue team faces; there is no way to easily access the floor, since the building is under construction. The captain of the MFR reported that it may be that a crane needs to be used to lower the body back to the ground.

The authorities are working on an investigation into this case at present to determine if the man was killed due to a simple accident or because of a faulty piece of equipment. If safety violations or neglected equipment is discovered, he may be reported as a victim of a wrongful death due to those violations.

Source: NBC 6 South Florida, “Crews Respond to Construction Site Accident in Miami,” Laura Rodriguez, Dec. 02, 2015

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