You can claim for work site injuries caused by falls or hazards

You can claim for work site injuries caused by falls or hazards

You can claim for work site injuries caused by falls or hazards 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Construction accidents, for the most part, are preventable. Taking the time to make a work site safer can mean the difference between injuries and fatalities or a day with no incidents. Some of the most common injuries, like electrocutions and falls, are almost always preventable if you take the right steps.

Your employer should provide you and your coworkers with safety procedures to follow when you’re on-site. For instance, if you’re on scaffolding, the scaffolding should be maintained properly and checked regularly. The structural design should be monitored and checked daily when in use, and the stability should be monitored during hazardous weather conditions.

It’s important to wear the correct gear to handle live wires and to shut off the electricity to wires you’ll be handling whenever possible in order to prevent electrocution. If you’re planning to dig, it’s vital to know where power lines are laid in the ground so that you don’t accidentally hit one with a shovel or other machinery. Electrical safety training should be provided to workers before they’re ever allowed to work on these items.

Another danger at work, falling objects, can usually be prevented in one of two ways. You either need to tether the items to prevent them from striking those below, or you need to make sure to wear a hard hat in any area where falling items are possible. If your employer doesn’t make these safety requirements vital on-site, then you could be put into danger. Our website has more on what to do if you’re hurt because you weren’t given the right information or safety gear.

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