Why are hip fractures after an accident so serious?

Why are hip fractures after an accident so serious?

Why are hip fractures after an accident so serious? 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

While many people think of slip-and-fall accidents as minor incidents that won’t lead to any lasting effects, there are some instances in which a person can suffer a serious injury from a slip-and-fall accident. One possible injury that a person can suffer if he or she falls is a hip fracture. Generally, a hip fracture is much more serious than other fractures.

Why are hip fractures so serious?

Hip fractures are serious because the fracture occurs in or near the hip joint. In almost all cases, a hip fracture will require surgery. Severe hip fractures might even require a hip replacement. Once the hip is repaired or replaced, the joint can’t be used until it heals. That means that you might be on bed rest for a considerable amount of time. Bed rest has special risks like bedsores and loss of muscle tone.

Are there different types of hip fractures?

Intertrochanteric hip fractures and femoral neck fractures account for around 90 percent of all hip fractures and are the two most common types. It is also possible for a person to suffer from a hairline fracture or a stress fracture, although these aren’t likely to be caused by a slip-and-fall accident.

With the lengthy healing process and considerable medical intervention that is necessary after a hip fracture, you might decide to seek compensation for the slip-and-fall accident. If the fall was caused by an unsafe condition or the negligence of the property owner or occupant, seeking compensation might be something to consider. Compensation could help you to cover the costs of medical care and other expenses related to the fall.

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