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E-cigarettes claimed as defective products in Florida and beyond

E-cigarettes claimed as defective products in Florida and beyond

E-cigarettes claimed as defective products in Florida and beyond 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Some Florida residents are among those who have taken up the trendy hobby of “vaping” with e-cigarettes. Many users begin the habit as a means to help them quit smoking. Others simply enjoy it. One man, however, has labeled e-cigarettes as defective products after an incident when one apparently exploded in his pocket.

The man recently spoke at a news conference, stating that the explosion sounded like firecrackers. He said that moments later, there were flames bursting into the air at least 12 inches high. The reported incident took place while the man was traveling in a car.

The man jumped out of the vehicle while it was moving at a slow speed, and he removed his pants in an attempt to escape injury. After his friend stopped the truck, the friend came to the man’s aid, pouring water over the wounds. One week later, the man underwent skin graft surgery.

Records show that the man was the third person from his California town to file a lawsuit claiming e-cigarettes to be defective products. Another man claims that an e-cigarette exploded in his mouth while he was vaping, causing him severe injuries. A Florida woman is said to have lapsed into a coma, and her condition was blamed on her use of an e-cigarette. Consumer safety is an important issue, and anyone who believes that he or she has suffered injury from normal use of a purchased product can pursue legal action in order to seek accountability against those believed responsible.

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