Adopting pets: Dog turns on man in just 3 hours, killing him

Adopting pets: Dog turns on man in just 3 hours, killing him

Adopting pets: Dog turns on man in just 3 hours, killing him 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

When you want to adopt a dog or cat, many people suggest going to a local shelter. Many of these animals are kind, gentle creatures, but it’s possible that they can also become aggressive or have behavioral issues. Before you adopt any animal, the facility should be able to tell you its vaccination records and inform you about its tendency toward aggression or any information about its past that they have.

Shelters in parts of Florida do have to meet certain requirements before an animal can be rehomed, That’s not the case in all states, though, and the truth is that it should be to protect others. Here’s a good reason to check on the background of the pet you want to adopt. A case out of Tennessee has been filed after a dog that was adopted just hours earlier attacked and killed its new owner.

According to the story, the dog had shown no aggression at the shelter, but when it went home with the man who adopted it, it became violent and attacked him. When he was discovered dead by his wife, she and her co-worker were bitten before the dog ran outside and was killed by a deputy.

The Jackson-Madison County Rabies Control, which is the organization that adopted out the dog, said it had shown no sign of aggression during its three-day stay at the facility. The organization does not perform vaccinations, though, and had no idea if the animal was vaccinated. Because of the unusual behavior the dog showed, the organization has suggested that something else must have been wrong; the dog could be suffering from a disease such as rabies, for example, which can make animals act erratic.

In Florida, vaccinations are given at local shelters, but animal control facilities may not perform the same checks. Be safe and make sure you ask about the background of the animal before adopting.

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