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Florida motorists should be aware of defective products case

Florida motorists should be aware of defective products case

Florida motorists should be aware of defective products case 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Those who operate motor vehicles or ride as passengers in them do so at a certain amount of risk for their own safety. However, every motorist and automobile occupant, in Florida and beyond, has the right to reasonably assume that the automotive parts in the cars in which they travel have been designed and manufactured according to the highest levels of safety standards. In a recent class action lawsuit, attorneys say this is not the case with respect to one important vehicle part, making the defective products involved deadly to motorists.

The products in question are keyless ignition systems that have been installed in many new automobiles in the United States. Drivers  can press a button on key fobs to start their cars without placing keys into ignitions. The systems are designed so that the cars will not start without the fobs being inside the vehicles.

It is claimed that a potentially deadly defect exists in some of the systems wherein the vehicles are able to keep running after the fobs have been removed from the cars. At least 13 deaths have been associated with this defect, and many other individuals have been injured when vehicles have accidentally remained running in garages. This has caused dangerous levels of carbon monoxide to seep into garages and into some homes, as well.

Florida residents who are injured by defective products in automobiles or other home appliances, tools or apparatuses may be entitled to file a products liability claim in order to seek compensation for damages. Depending upon the severity of an injury, a person can face tremendous financial debt due to mounting medical bills and other costs associated with recovery. It is typically prudent to first discuss the details of a case with an experienced attorney in the area in preparation for proceeding to court.

SourceCBS 12, “Cars’ keyless ignitions called ‘deadly’ in lawsuit“, Peter Valdes-Dapena, Aug. 29, 2015

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