Schools are required to keep your children safe

Schools are required to keep your children safe

Schools are required to keep your children safe 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

When you send your child to school, it’s with the expectation that the school will keep him or her safe. Schools have a responsibility to keep children safe, and the environment in which school is held must be safe and secure for them. Supervision should be required at all times, and the adults supervising should be background checked to make sure they are respectable people who should teach and care for children.

Most of the time, schools take these duties seriously and children are safeguarded well. Unfortunately, there have also been times when schools didn’t make sure of these conditions, so children were hurt. If your child’s school has been negligent and allowed your child to be injured, then it’s your right to consider a personal injury case against the school.

Here’s an example. If you child was walking into school and slips on slick, wet floors that were not marked, then you can claim that the school had created an unsafe condition that led to your child’s injury. Another example would be if your child was playing on a playground but was injured by a lawn mower or other machine being used while he or she’s playing. Because the maintenance crew created an unnecessary and dangerous condition, you could claim negligence.

Other kinds of negligence you may claim for include assault, like student-on-student or teacher-on-student assault, neglect if a child is suffering a medical condition and doesn’t receive help, or injury due to defective products failing. Our website has more information on these and other types of negligence, so you can learn what to look for before you make a claim.

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