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Electrical safety is a life-or-death issue at construction sites

Electrical safety is a life-or-death issue at construction sites

Electrical safety is a life-or-death issue at construction sites 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Working a job in construction is very dangerous. Heavy equipment and other hazards are part of the daily work. Another hazard that must be taken very seriously is electricity. In fact, the electricity present on construction sites is deadly.

There are several things that must be considered at a construction job site. Each of these things can help to keep construction workers safe. When these factors aren’t considered, construction workers can be injured or killed.

Temporary lights can be hazardous. These lights mustn’t be supported by their cords. They should have bulb guards on them.

All extension cords on the job site should have unbroken insulation, three-wire cords and have a male plug ground pin. None of them should be hung from nails or staples. They must all be secured and protected.

Machinery and power tools must be properly maintained. All power tools need to have a ground pin or be double insulated. Machinery shouldn’t be able to restart automatically if power is lost and restored. Any tools that could cause injuries to the operator should have a magnetic restart if they have a non-dead man switch.

Any electrical components that are 50 volts or more should be guarded. The method for doing this varies, but can include elevating them 8 feet or placing them in a space only accessible to approved people.

When you think about how a 60-watt light bulb is powered by five times more current than what it would take to kill a person, you can see why electric safety at construction sites is vital. When proper safety measures aren’t taken, there is a chance that a construction worker can be killed or injured. In either case, seeking compensation is something to consider.

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