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Ombudsman lists signs of medical malpractice in nursing homes

Ombudsman lists signs of medical malpractice in nursing homes

Ombudsman lists signs of medical malpractice in nursing homes 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

A recent article discussed ways that one can tell if a nursing home is up to par insofar as cleanliness and adequate care are concerned. Many elderly citizens take up residence in some type of medical care or assisted living facility when they are no longer able to be fully independent with regard to their own care. Family members who assist an elder in choosing a long-term nursing residence in Florida or elsewhere will want to be aware of the signs of nursing home medical malpractice so as to avoid facilities that don’t maintain a high standard of quality care.

A long-term care ombudsman who has much experience in assessing nursing homes recently listed several things for which prospective residents and those assisting them should look for in choosing a facility. Nursing homes are typically inspected on a regular basis. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services also has a ranking system in place that might help families conduct their own investigations in order to determine if their loved one is being well-cared for.

The Ohio ombudsman featured in the recent article said that families should look around when they enter a facility and observe the physical conditions of the residents. They should take notice of personal hygiene conditions and whether anyone looks disheveled, as well as if the residents are out of their rooms on a regular basis. She indicated that cleanliness problems and frequent medication errors are signs that perhaps the quality of care in a nursing home is not what it should be. While abuses are rare, they do occur and any family who notices signs of neglect or abuse will want to report it to the proper authorities.

Medical malpractice attorneys are available in Florida who can advise those who have been injured through nursing negligence or the wrongful actions of another person. Some injuries lead to a need for ongoing medical care, and depending upon the circumstances, professional psychological counseling may also be needed in the aftermath of an incident. These necessities are costly and can be burdensome to a person during his or her recovery. Court-awarded compensation in a successfully litigated claim can help to alleviate costs sustained due to substandard medical or other professional care that results in personal injuries.

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