Claim compensation from all negligent parties after being injured

Claim compensation from all negligent parties after being injured

Claim compensation from all negligent parties after being injured 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

As a construction worker in the current world, you’re exposed to high risks all the time. You may work on high rises, tourist attractions, theme park rides or new developments, and each and every construction site you enter has the potential for being incredibly dangerous. Florida’s cityscape is always being redesigned, and while that’s beneficial to your career, one wrong move could lead to injuries for you and your coworkers.

Most of the time, when you’re hurt at work, you’ll be able to seek workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation covers your medical bills and lost wages after you’ve missed multiple days of work, but that may not be the only compensation you can claim. If you were injured by a third party, product defects or the negligence of others, you could pursue additional compensation from those people or manufacturers.

Common construction injuries like scaffolding falls or crane accidents will likely lead to a workers’ compensation claim, but did you realize that if the crane snaps due to a lack of maintenance or if a coworker strikes you with a machine he isn’t trained to use, you could see further compensation from the negligent party? You could be able to obtain money from various sources for your injury, holding everyone responsible accountable for the pain you’ve have to suffer.

Our website has more information on workplace injuries and what you can do if you want to seek compensation from more than one party. With the right information and help on your side, you can build a case against these parties and get the money you deserve.

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