Are there ways to minimize injuries in motorcycle wrecks?

Are there ways to minimize injuries in motorcycle wrecks?

Are there ways to minimize injuries in motorcycle wrecks? 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Motorcycle riders know that they can reduce their risk of injury and road rash by wearing protective gear while on their bikes. However, these are some additional tips for mitigating the damage before or when a crash appears inevitable.

  • Try to align your motorcycle with the outer tires of the car in front of you. If they swerve to dodge an animal or obstacle, you may miss it as well.
  • Make sure to brake before entering a turn and not when you are in one. Keep your balance by accelerating or coasting through turns.
  • When a crash is inevitable, e.g., someone pulled out in front of you, try to slow your bike and lay it down. When doing this, put as much space between you and the motorcycle as possible, while attempting to avoid other traffic hazards. Otherwise, you risk becoming a human projectile after impact.
  • Staying as relaxed as possible in a collision can minimize bodily damage. Try not to stiffen your limbs but tuck and roll the way Hollywood stuntmen do.
  • After the crash, it is important to remain still to minimize neck and back injuries.

All wrecks are different and the circumstances play a role in one’s reaction. Certainly if a wreck occurs on an interstate with traffic still moving in the lanes, it would not be prudent to remain lying in the road if it could be avoided. Riders must assess each risk factor individually for best results.

Motorcycle accidents can leave riders with extensive injuries and mountains of medical bills. When another driver is at fault in the accident, injured riders may have to pursue claims for civil damages.

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