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Personal injury through sexual assault filmed on Florida beach

Personal injury through sexual assault filmed on Florida beach

Personal injury through sexual assault filmed on Florida beach 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

An unreported incident was discovered by police who were investigating an unrelated crime in a different state. Officers discovered cell phone video taken of an apparent gang rape which took place during the annual college spring break activities in Bay County, Florida. The victim who suffered the personal injury later said that she did not report it to authorities because she was not fully cognizant of the assault. She stated that she believes she might have been drugged before the attack took place.

Police were investigating a shooting when an officer discovered a video recording of what appeared to be an incapacitated woman being sexually assaulted by multiple perpetrators on a public beach. According to reports, the video includes a crowd of on-lookers, who seemingly watched the attacks take place without coming to the woman’s defense. Three males, each in his early twenties, have been charged in the sexual assault.

Two of the men arrested in the incident have reportedly been suspended from the college where they are both enrolled. One of the three suspects is being held in prison without bond. Officials have stated that they have attempted to reduce the underage drinking and violence that typically occurs during spring break by increasing the presence of law enforcement in the area.

Regardless if criminal charges have been filed, a Florida resident who has been the victim of personal injury inflicted by another person has the right to pursue formal litigation in a civil court. When considering filing a claim, it is helpful to consult with a legal professional who has experience in personal injury cases. In a successfully litigated case, the court can award compensation for damages suffered during or in the aftermath of an assault.

Source: mercurynews.com, “Sex assault at beach: Third student charged in Florida spring break attack caught on video“, Accessed on April 20, 2015

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