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Man survives crushing injuries and wins $64.5 million in court

Man survives crushing injuries and wins $64.5 million in court

Man survives crushing injuries and wins $64.5 million in court 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Imagine working near a railroad or other busy traffic area where you’re already having to be cautious about traffic safety. You know that you can feel the vibration of passing trains, sound waves and motors. Because of that, it’s important to take extra measures to secure the things you’re working on near these sometimes-shaky locations.

In this accident that took place in Florida, a construction worker suffered serious injuries after a prefabricated building fell on him while he was working under it. The 25-year-old was working near railroad tracks, and when the train went by, the vibrations alone knocked the building over onto his body, crushing him and causing serious injuries to his pelvis, internal organs and legs.

At the time of the accident, the man was so badly hurt that doctors said they didn’t think he’d survive. When he did, they said he wouldn’t be able to walk, but he can now do that, too. The man’s near-miraculous healing has taken time and effort, pain and required medical help. Now, he’s being compensated for what he’s been through. According to the article, he previously accepted a settlement from the company he was working for, but a jury in Hillsborough County has awarded him $64.5 million for his injuries.

The man hasn’t said how much he settled for out of court, but this is an important case to review if you’re planning on seeking compensation, too. While the jury decided on this amount, it’s not legally binding for the company to pay it, since a settlement had already been agreed upon.

Source: TampaBay.com, “Jury’s verdict is $64.5 million in construction accident at Mosaic Co. site,” Anna M. Phillips, March. 30, 2015

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