30-year-old man awarded $10 million for construction accident

30-year-old man awarded $10 million for construction accident

30-year-old man awarded $10 million for construction accident 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

If you were ever injured at work, you’d want to be sure that you were going to get the compensation you deserve. After a work injury, you’ll most likely receive workers’ compensation, but you may be able to seek compensation from third parties as well, like this man did.

A story out of Tampa, Florida, discusses a man who was injured when a building collapsed on top of him in 2009. He had been working at the Mosaic Co. construction site when a prefabricated building collapsed, leaving his internal organs, legs, and pelvis crushed under the debris.

What caused the accident? According to the story, the young man, then 25, had been working under the building when a train went by the site. The ground had vibrated from the passing train, and that caused the entire building to shift and slide on top of him. His injuries had been critical, as initial reports showed doctors didn’t think he would survive. When he did, his doctors also reported believing that he would be crippled and unable to walk, but he has recovered and is able to do so. The present updates don’t report on his current health condition.

This man’s case is important for anyone in this kind of situation, because it shows how parties can be partially responsible for injuries and be able to settle or go to trial, depending on each individual’s preference. In this case, the 30-year-old man received a settlement agreement from Mosaic, but he has also been awarded around $10 million including his attorney fees from the jury.

Source: TampaBay.com, “Jury’s verdict is $64.5 million in construction accident at Mosaic Co. site,” Anna M. Phillips, March. 30, 2015

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