Stand up against unsafe coworkers and injuries in Miami

Stand up against unsafe coworkers and injuries in Miami

Stand up against unsafe coworkers and injuries in Miami 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Construction work is dangerous; when you signed up to be a worker, you knew that you’d be at risk each day. What you didn’t agree to is extra risks or unsafe coworkers who put you in the line of fire.

New developments, like high rises and tourist attractions, are climbing to new heights, making it imperative that you take care when you’re working on top-level projects. In Florida, the number of buildings moving, changing shape and being worked on is constantly fluctuating, and that means you always have work. Always having work does have a cost, though, and that’s an increased risk of injury or death on the job.

After an accident, you’re typically entitled to workers’ compensation. Initially, this will only cover your medical bills and not the wages you’ve lost. Once you’ve missed enough work and it’s been determined if you can return or not, you’ll be able to seek further benefits that could help cover your lost wages in the past and into the future.

In many cases, you’ll simply be covered for your injuries through the workers’ compensation system, but if there are other parties involved, you may be able to seek compensation from them as well. This is true if a manufacturer’s defect or negligent act by a third party caused your injuries.

Because there are so many variables in a case like yours, it’s important to know all the angles of the case and to decide what to do from an educated standpoint. Our website has more information on work injuries and what to expect, so you can proceed with the right knowledge in hand.

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