Recent Florida tragedy results in personal injury and death

Recent Florida tragedy results in personal injury and death

Recent Florida tragedy results in personal injury and death 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

According to data provided in the aftermath of a recent multi-vehicle crash, a Florida bridge has been the scene of at least 1200 accidents since 2012. A fiery tragedy was added to those statistics Monday afternoon. Three who were involved suffered personal injury, and four lives were lost in the collision.

Fire and rescue workers responded to the horrific scene when a sport utility vehicle burst into flames after apparently being struck by a tractor-trailer. Reports indicate that the driver of the SUV had decelerated in order to keep with the flow of traffic and was then hit by a semi truck. Sadly, two children and two adults who were occupants in the vehicle did not survive the flames.

A third vehicle involved in the tragedy contained three people. All were transported to an area hospital for treatment of their injuries. Traffic lanes were closed due to the tremendous wreckage and serious nature of the crash. According to reports, there have been multiple fatal collisions on the bridge, as well as some close calls, including an SUV that almost plunged into the river after a collision.

A Florida resident who suffers a personal injury or loses a family member in a collision may benefit from exploring his or her options concerning filing a claim in court. Various options are available that would allow one to seek compensation for damages suffered as a result of an accident. Contacting a legal professional with experience in personal injury claims would be a logical first step to take in order to receive an evaluation of one’s case.

Source:, “4 dead, 3 injured in fiery crash in Florida“, March 2, 2015

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