Road rage and its causes

Road rage and its causes

Road rage and its causes 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Florida drivers may have heard about cases of road rage around the country and wondered what causes them. Sometimes, people who are mild-mannered in other areas of their life will give in to road rage. In February, there was a publicized road rage incident in Las Vegas, Nevada, in which a woman was shot after she and her son went looking for a driver who had nearly been in an accident with the woman earlier.

Experts say that people often behave the way they do because they feel invulnerable in cars. Drivers report making obscene gestures at other drivers or yelling at them when they would never do the same thing in other environments.

People might also feel anonymous in their cars. They feel as though they can easily escape an incident. However, experts point out that this may not be the case. Other drivers may have guns or may have serious anger issues. Road rage may also result from people working out aggressions and stress in a car.

Road rage might also lead to a car accident. A driver might lose their temper and cut off another driver or perform another unsafe action that leads to the same result. If an individual suffers an injury believed to be the result of a rage-induced accident, they may wish to consult an attorney.

In a civil case that involves a car accident, it is only necessary to prove negligence. This means the individual has not observed a reasonable amount of care that most drivers would. If negligence is demonstrated, a lawsuit may be successful.

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